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January 25th

SEEDA Receives Update on a Couple of Projects

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The Sheridan Economic and Educational Development Joint Powers Board met for their monthly meeting Tuesday morning. The Board received an update on the status of the WYO Theater renovation project.

Representative Madden Sponsors Merit Pay Bill

Of the many education bills going through the legislature this session, one, House Bill 72, deals with Teacher Merit Pay. Sponsored by Representative Mike Madden of Buffalo, he says it's moving through nicely so far.

Every Girl Deserves to be a Princess

Little girls play at dress-up all the time and when it comes to prom, it’s no different.  It’s instinctive – girls just want to look pretty, but not everyone can afford prom night finery. 

January 24th

Sheridan Man Killed in Truck Crash

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WANATAH, Indiana — A 34-year-old Wyoming truck driver was killed Thursday afternoon, January 20th in an accident.

High School Blood Challenge

United Blood Services is in Sheridan through Wednesday, and this time it's for a good-natured rivalry called the High School Blood Donor Challenge. Sheridan Media's Mary Jo Johnson with the story.

Buffalo Officials Attend WAM Workshops

The Buffalo City Council and other City employees were in Cheyenne last week to participate in the Wyoming Association of Municipalities Winter Workshops.

Boys, Girls State Applications Due March 1

For those interested in government or satisfying college requirement for a government class, they will have the opportunity to do so this June at Boys State and Girls State.

Wyoming's Education Legislation: Fact Based?

Wyoming Senate President Jim Anderson recently said “education” was the “biggest social issue on the calendar” for Wyoming's current legislative session. Many bills currently careening through the legislature are ostensibly designed to improve both primary and secondary education in Wyoming.

Senator Barrasso Feels Health Care Bill Doesn't Address the Problem

Last week the U.S. House of Representatives voted to repeal President Obama's Health Care overhaul by an overwhelming vote of 245 to 149. U.S. Senator John Barrasso, who is a Physician himself, has strongly opposed what is known as Obama Care since its inception.

Busy Afternoon in Sheridan County Circuit Court

It was a full docket Monday afternoon in Sheridan County Circuit Court. Sheridan Media's Ron Richter was there and has the details.