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UW Receives Largest Estate Gift In History From Local Artist

The University of Wyoming has just received its largest estate gift in history, a gift donated by local artist and founder of the Jentel artist's residency, Neltje. Her gift is towards the University's visual and literary arts programs, and includes all her financial and land holdings, except for those going to her children and a few personal donations.

Poitra Trial: Day 3, Huntington Street Testimony

As was heard on Dennis Poitra, Jr.'s DCI confession audio, he had told agents that he, Dharminder Sen and Wyatt Bear Cloud had planned to break into houses in the area and rob them. During Wednesday's testimony, the State called several witnesses to the stand who lived in houses on Huntington Street, just off Thurmond near the Ernst residence.

No Time For Boredom at Trail End Historic Site

The No Time for Boredom Exhibit at the Trail End Historic Site will run through December 14th.

The current whole-house exhibit at the Trail End Historic Site in Sheridan takes us back to a much simpler time. Sheridan Media's Ron Richter has the story.

Muddy Moose Gets Permanent Home

Muddy Moose now has a permanent home in front of the Hand-n-Hand Early Childhood Education Center in Sheridan.

The sculpture known simply as “Muddy Moose” now has a permanent home in front of the Hand-n-Hand Early Education Center in Sheridan. The sculpture was recently donated to the City's Public Arts program by the Whitney Benefits Foundation, and placed at its new location by City crews Wednesday.

Poitra Trial: Crime Lab Testimony

After playing audio of Dennis Poitra, Jr.’s DCI confession, Special Agent Chad Quarterman with the Department of Criminal Investigation took the stand and testified that on August 26, 2009, he collected evidence, conducted interviews, and transported evidence to the DCI office to be kept until sent to the State Crime Lab in Cheyenne.

Poitra Trial: Day 3, Confession Audio Played

Special Agent Louey Williams of the Department of Criminal Investigation led off the day's testimony in 4th Judicial District Court in the State vs. Dennis Poitra, Jr. trial. Williams, who is the Team Leader for the NE Enforcement Team, testified that he and Special Agent Chris McDonald conducted an interview with Poitra, also known as “Junior”, at 7:13 pm on August 26th, 2009.

Poitra Trial: Day 2 Afternoon Testimony

The lion's share of afternoon testimony saw various law enforcement agents from the Sheriff's Office, DCI and the Sheridan Police Department take the stand.

Poitra Trial: “The Right Thing to Do”

The final witness to be called Tuesday morning was Kendra Smith. She confirmed the close relationship – referring to him like a “little brother” -- with Junior. Her testimony was fairly involved and a very emotional one.

"Frog and Toad" Do Some Hip-Hopping in Open Auditions at Sheridan College

Open auditions for are going on at Sheridan College through Thursday. Sheridan Media's Betsy Love has the details:

Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Research Resumes This Month

As they've done for the past 36 years, members of the Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team are gearing up to resume grizzly research work in Yellowstone National Park.

Al Nash, Public Relations Officer for Yellowstone National Park, says this long-term monitoring and research of the grizzly population provides much critical information: