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August 27th

Immunization Rules Updated to Protect Wyoming Kids

Wyoming Department of Health Director Dr. Brent Sherard

State rules for required and recommended immunizations have been updated by the Wyoming Department of Health to help protect Wyoming kids from a number of diseases.

That's Wyoming Department of Health Director Dr. Brent Sherard, who says that the Tdap booster shot is aimed a protecting children from whooping cough.

BLM Going Ahead With Wild Horse Roundup

BLM will go ahead with wild horse roundup in October.

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - The Bureau of Land Management has decided to go ahead with a planned roundup of nearly 2,000 wild horses in southwest Wyoming. Critics of the roundup didn't like the use of helicopters, but the BLM says there's no good alternative for such a large roundup.

August 26th

Scammers Getting Creative

The Sheridan Police Department would once again like to warn Sheridan residents about the proliferation of Internet scams. Detective Sgt. Tom Henry tells us.

Henry says these scams can originate via e-mail, US mail, using E-bay, Craig's List, or even dating websites. He indicates a similarity among the scams.

Is The SAWS Water Supply Falling With The Sky? Maybe, Maybe Not

Water available to the Sheridan Area Water Supply System, or SAWS, could reach a point where there is no excess capacity by year 2023. And supply may equal demand by 2037 for the city of Sheridan alone. This was one of the findings in a draft report being conducted by DOWL HKM, presented to the SAWS Board Thursday afternoon.

City Council Supports WYO Performing Arts Center Grant Application

The Sheridan City Council approved a resolution in support of the WYO Performing Arts Center grant application.

The Sheridan City Council held a special meeting Thursday where they approved a resolution in support of a grant application for the WYO Performing Arts Center. The grant application is a collaborative effort between the Wyo Theater, Sheridan College, Whitney Benefits and the City of Sheridan.

City To Install Radio Read Units Next Week

Radio read units like the one in the picture, are being installed at businessess and homes in and around Sheridan.

Utility crews with the City of Sheridan will be installing radio read units on local businesses and homes beginning next week. City Utility Maintenance Superintendent Ken Hirschman explains that over the past couple of years they have been installing radio read units to read water meters more efficiently.

Payday Loan Business Continues to Grow in Wyoming

The payday loan business continues to grow in the Cowboy State.

As Wyoming weathers the economic downturn, one business sector is seeing significant growth: payday lending. Marc Homer with Wyoming Kids Count says the amount loaned has risen 10 years in a row, and is up 15 percent in a year.

Remains of Montana Soldier Killed in Vietnam Returned

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) - The remains of a Billings soldier whose helicopter was shot down during the Vietnam War have been returned to Montana.

The remains of Army 1st Lt. Paul G. Magers, which had been missing for nearly four decades, were returned in a flag-draped casket Wednesday as family members gathered at the Billings airport to pay their respects.

Timothy Schaffer to Undergo Evaluation in Evanston

A Motion to Quash Order Appointing Counsel was presented to Judge John Fenn in 4th Judicial District Court Wednesday afternoon. Public Defender Robert Jones went before the judge in the case of Timothy Paul Schaffer, whom a jury found guilty of Aggravated Assault and Battery after a two-day trial in early June.

August 25th

Alzheimer's Memory Walk Saturday

This Saturday morning starting at 9 o'clock, the public is invited to take part in the 3rd Annual Alzheimer's Memory Walk. Caregiver Support Facilitator with the Center, Stella Montano, explains.