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Mont. resort's water blamed for sickening dozens

Montana health officials say contaminated well water from a resort near Yellowstone National Park has sickened 80 people.
The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services says at least 70 more cases are probably linked to the water from Campfire Lodge Resort located outside West Yellowstone, Mont., near Hebgen Lake.

Former Wyo. National Guard recruiter pleads guilty

A former Casper-based Wyoming National Guard
recruiter has pleaded guilty to sexual exploitation of a teenage girl.
At a court hearing Friday, 39-year-old Martin Craig Frank
admitted possessing pornographic videos and photographs of the
teen. A second count of sexual exploitation was dropped.

Not Knowing Your Plants Can Be Dangerous

Whoever came up with the saying “ignorance is bliss” was certainly not talking about yard plants. Joan Mcvoy, Poison Information Specialist for the Wyoming Poison Center says this time of the year, they tend to get a lot of calls from people getting sick from their yard plants.