Archive - Jun 13, 2010 - News

Some in Wyo. community told to seek higher ground

Residents in the Wind River Indian Reservation community of Sharp Nose are being told to seek higher ground despite receding flood waters.
Fremont County officials say about 15 to 20 people are being
asked to voluntarily leave their homes out of fears that rain and snow falling in higher elevations could lead to more flooding along the Little Wind River.

Carbon County gets remote underwater vehicle tool

The Carbon County Sheriff's Office has a
new underwater remote operated vehicle capable of exploring
underwater for drowning victims or evidence.
The county paid about $59,000 using a Department of Homeland
Security grant for the unit, accessories and training.

Enzi Wants Congress To Control Climate Policy, Not EPA

U.S. Senator Mike Enzi

Following months of debate and political wrangling, a bipartisan group of senators received an up or down vote to stop overreaching actions by the Environmental Protection Agency's attempts to regulate carbon dioxide emissions. The Senate voted against a resolution disapproving the EPA's overreach by a vote of 47-53.