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April 7th

Status Hearing on Poitra; Sen

Status hearings were held Tuesday morning in Sheridan County District Court for Dharminder Sen and Dennis Poitra, Jr. The two, along with Wyatt Bear Cloud, are charged with the August 26, 2009 shooting death of Sheridan businessman Robert Ernst. Sheridan Media's Mary Jo Johnson has more.

Huntley Rinck Changes Plea

Huntley Rinck changed his plea to Nolo Contendere in District Court Tuesday.

Several days ago, after pursuing denied motions to suppress evidence and a motion to acquire legal materials to aid his Pro Se defense, Huntley Rinck startled the Court by submitting a Motion to make a plea change to "Nolo Contendere" -- or No Contest -- on a charge of one count of Sexual Exploitation of Children. Sheridan Media's Mary Jo Johnson has the update.

Sheridan County Conservation Planning

A conservation design workshop that started Tuesday night is continuing today at the Historic Sheridan Inn. The goal of the workshop is to work on developing a conservation design plan for the county, which would utilize acreage to preserve riparian and open space areas, while still allowing for development. Sheridan County Commissioner Steve Maier

April 6th

Three Chosen for Clerk's Seat

Sheridan County Republican Party Chair Kathy Coleman

The Sheridan County Republican Central Committee held a special meeting Tuesday night to hear from the five candidates who submitted letters of interest for the vacant County Clerk position. There was also one floor nomination that was considered during the meeting. Sheridan County Republican Party Chair Kathy Coleman tells us which three candidates were selected.

Senior Center Topic Of Council Work Session

Sheridan Senior Center Director Carmen Rideout addresses the City Council at work session.

The Sheridan City Council held a noon work session Tuesday where they received a presentation from Sheridan Senior Center Executive Director Carmen Rideout. One of the items discussed was how the Senior Center is coping with the tough economic times.

State Auditor Candidate Discusses Position

Wyoming State Auditor Candidate Bruce Brown

Wyoming State Auditor Rita Meyer's decision to run for Governor will leave the position vacant, which means that prospective candidates will have a chance to fill that vacancy this November. One of the two candidates to have declared is Bruce Brown, a Wyoming native from Riverton, who now resides near Devils Tower in the northeastern part of the state.

Commission Considers Alltel Tower

The Sheridan County Commissioner's meeting was apparently the "place to be" on Tuesday, as their meeting room at Sheridan College quickly filled to "standing room only."

Jack Landon on 17th Amendment

Representative Jack Landon

Monday we told you that the Bank of Sheridan / poll question centered around legislation Representative Jack Landon had introduced this last session in Cheyenne. The bill, which proposed repealing the 17th Amendment from the US Constitution, failed on introduction.

Dayton Town Council Report

Dayton Mayor Bob Wood

At last night's Dayton Town Council meeting, Mayor Wood was officially appointed to be the voting delegate for the Town at the Wyoming Association of Municipalities Convention in June.

Five Seek Clerk's Seat

The Sheridan County Clerk's Office is located on the first floor of the newer section of the courthouse.

Five Sheridan County residents have submitted Letters of Intent to the Sheridan County Republican Party to indicate interest in filling the Sheridan County Clerk seat left vacant late last month after the death of Audrey Koltiska.