Archive - Apr 7, 2010 - News

Tabled Items

Sheridan County Land Development Coordinator Robin DeBolt

The Sheridan County Planning and Zoning Commission discussed what the process should be for dealing with items that have been tabled for some time. There are currently two items on the table, one dating back to 2007 that was a rezone request by Double Eagle LLC owner Ron Patterson. Sheridan County Land Development Coordinator Robin DeBolt explains what the current policy is regarding tabled items.

Bus Initiative

Sheridan Workforce Services Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Juan Duran

In late January officials with the various transportation services provided in Sheridan met to discuss the need for an additional means of public transportation. It was determined that a public survey would be needed to receive some feedback from the community regarding the idea.

Governor Comments On Key Issues

Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal (Courtesy Photo)

Governor Dave Freudenthal addressed the idea brought forth by several legislators of a possible special session to address federal health care reform at a news conference Wednesday.

41 Years at Memorial

Sheridan Memorial Hospital RN Karen Steir was honored for her over 40 years of service at the hospital.

Sheridan Memorial Hospital recognized Karen Steir for her 41 years of service at the hospital as an RN at a special ceremony Wednesday. Steir says that it's pretty simple why she's been at the hospital for over four decades.

Status Hearing on Poitra; Sen

Status hearings were held Tuesday morning in Sheridan County District Court for Dharminder Sen and Dennis Poitra, Jr. The two, along with Wyatt Bear Cloud, are charged with the August 26, 2009 shooting death of Sheridan businessman Robert Ernst. Sheridan Media's Mary Jo Johnson has more.

Huntley Rinck Changes Plea

Huntley Rinck changed his plea to Nolo Contendere in District Court Tuesday.

Several days ago, after pursuing denied motions to suppress evidence and a motion to acquire legal materials to aid his Pro Se defense, Huntley Rinck startled the Court by submitting a Motion to make a plea change to "Nolo Contendere" -- or No Contest -- on a charge of one count of Sexual Exploitation of Children. Sheridan Media's Mary Jo Johnson has the update.

Sheridan County Conservation Planning

A conservation design workshop that started Tuesday night is continuing today at the Historic Sheridan Inn. The goal of the workshop is to work on developing a conservation design plan for the county, which would utilize acreage to preserve riparian and open space areas, while still allowing for development. Sheridan County Commissioner Steve Maier