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US Highway 14 Is Now Open After Haz-Mat Spill

US Highway 14 through Shell Canyon is now reopen after being closed since Friday night. The closure was due to a tractor trailer rollover spilling an estimated 1,300 gallons of a silicon based hazardous chemical liquid.

US 14 Was Shutdown For Awhile Due To Chemical Spill

A commercial vehicle tractor trailer crashed and closed US 14 in Big Horn County through Shell Canyon. The crash occurred shortly after 5:00 p.m. Friday and is approximately 10 miles east of Shell. The single vehicle roll-over crash has involved the spill of a hazardous flammable liquid substance which necessitates the road closure.

Suit Seeks To Scale Back Off-road Use In Pryor Mountains

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) - Conservationists and backcountry horse riders are seeking to block motorized vehicle use in much of southern Montana's Pryor Mountains, a popular destination for off-road vehicle users. A lawsuit filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Missoula challenges the U.S. Forest Service travel plan for the 125-square mile mountain range about 50 miles south of Billings.

A Special Honor Will Be Awarded At The Sheridan College Basketball Game Today

Special awards will be given out at today's basketball games at Sheridan College. Director of Student Engagement at Sheridan College Carol Garcia.

IRS Says Do Your Homework When Hiring a Tax Preparer

It’s income tax season and, for some people, the only thing worse than rounding up all their receipts and documentation, is finding out too late that they hired someone to do their taxes who was either unqualified – or simply trying to rip them off.