Archive - Dec 7, 2010 - News

Other JC Commission Happenings

The Johnson County Commissioners at their regular meeting Tuesday, discussed and will look into building a vault for treasurer-elect Carla Faircloth. There used to be a vault for the treasurer in that office until the courthouse was remodeled a number of years ago, when the vault was removed.

Buffalo City Council Passes 'Spice' Ordinance

Aaron Palmer brings us this report from the Buffalo City Council.

Sentencing Delayed for Vincent Scott

Sentencing for Sheridan resident Vincent Scott was delayed in 4th Judicial District Court Tuesday. Scott was found guilty in October of six crimes, the most serious of which was 1st Degree Sexual Assault.

Legislators Meet with JC Commissioners

State Senators Mike Madden and John Schiffer met with the Johnson County Commission on Tuesday and gathered the commission's concerns for the upcoming Legislative session. Aaron Palmer has the report.

Fluoridation Discussion Continues at SAWS

There has been some talk lately about fluoridating local public water supplies. This subject is on the table for Wednesday night's Sheridan Area Water Supply Board meeting. Sheridan Media's Betsy Love has more:

Fort Mackenzie High School Receives Bad News

Newly elected Marva Craft and Erica O'Dell attended their first Sheridan County School District 2 board meeting Monday night. Per the By-Laws, the board nominated and elected new officers for the year.

Helping Wyoming’s Communities

The first presentation for Sheridan College’s Natural Resource Lectures series took place, Monday night in the college’s CTEL room.

Unemployment Benefits: Economic Help or Hindrance?

There are many indicators that the economy is improving, both nationally and in Wyoming. That is, it is improving--except in the area where it probably matters most. Sheridan Media's Betsy Love has the story: