Archive - Nov 5, 2010 - News

Longtime Museum Director Resigns

The Sheridan County Historical Society announced in a media release Friday that longtime Sheridan County Museum Director Dana Prater has submitted her resignation effective Thursday, November 11th.

"Siver Hair" Healthcare Discussion With Local Legislators

There was a “silver haired” meeting with local legislators at the Sheridan Senior Center on Friday.

Johnson County Commission approves easement adjustment

Existing easement adjustments and the removal of an old easement through a county property on Klondike Road were addressed at the Johnson County Commission meeting Friday.

The regular meeting was rescheduled from Tuesday to allow county employees to concentrate on the election.

Woodpeckers and Hunting Season

This week, Sheridan Media's Betsy Love sat down with Game and Fish Info specialist Warren Mischke to discuss some upcoming hunting events, and had a surprising start to the interview: