Archive - Dec 9, 2009 - News

Game And Fish Continues To Monitor Chronic Wasting Disease

Every year during big game hunting season, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department conducts surveys to keep tabs on the number of animals with chronic wasting disease. Game and Fish Information Specialist Warren Mischke.

CVC Program Aims To Help Generational Poverty With Pilot Program

The Center for a Vital Community at Sheridan College has embarked on a pilot program entitled “Getting Ahead: Bridges out of Poverty”. The 16 week program is geared to help people transition out of generational poverty. Program Facilitator Shannon Trierwiler explains why the program is so important.

How Long Will the Below-0 Temps Hang Around?

-15 degrees -- that's what early-morning risers endured, prompting a call to the National Weather Service in Riverton to find out just how long it is our collective teeth are going to be violently chattering. Meteorologist Andy McNeel gives us a hint as to how long the arctic air will be hanging around.

Hundreds Gathered At The Festival Of Trees Event

The 17th Annual Festival of Trees dinner and auction drew a large crowd despite the cold weather Tuesday night. The event is one of the main fundraisers for the Special Olympics program here in Sheridan County. Anita Badgett has been part of the Festival since it began.

Extremely Cold Weather Can Expose Us To Silent Killer

Temperatures for the past several days have been extremely cold. We bundle up to go outside and make sure our homes and offices are completely sealed to retain heat. While it does keep us warmer, it also decreases ventilation in our homes. That makes conditions right for exposure to carbon monoxide gas.

Holiday Scammers Are At It Again

Recently a Sheridan woman was contacted on the telephone by someone claiming to be her grandson. The caller asked for over $3,000 to be wired to him apparently to help him out of some legal troubles. Luckily, the call sounded fishy to the woman and she immediately called the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office.