Archive - Dec 2, 2009 - News

The Holidays Can Be A Dangerous Time For Our Four Legged Friends

While Christmas is still several weeks away, many of us have already put up our holiday decorations, which can present quite a danger for pets of all shapes and sizes. Sheridan Dog and Cat Shelter Director Cel Hope.

Hope says that it isn't just the decorations that can be harmful either.

Commissioners Consider Subdivision Resolution Amendment

The Sheridan County commissioners tabled action on an amendment to the county zoning resolution that places additional restrictions on development in areas susceptible to ground water contamination. County Commissioner Mike Nickel explains the action.

Suspected Child Pornographer Appears Before Federal Magistrate

A Sheridan man faces Federal charges after certain images were found on his computer. 28-year-old Christopher Brown faces 3 counts of sexual exploitation of children. There is one count each of possession, receiving, and transporting child pornography. Brown was arrested last weekend based on a several month investigation conducted by Wyoming’s Division of Criminal Investigation.

Ranchester Council Awards Bid For Sewer Lagoon Project

The Ranchester Council awarded the bid for the town's sewer lagoon project at their meeting Tuesday night to Three Way Incorporated in the amount of $434,000. Ranchester Mayor Cliff Clevenger explains what the project will entail.

The project is being funded by monies from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.