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Sheridan College Prepares For Very Busy Spring

Sheridan College has definitely seen it’s share of changes over the last few months. More students than ever are living on campus, enrollments last fall were up over 20%, and now the college will lose its president before the spring semester starts. Compared to last year at this time spring enrollments are already up 14%.

County Fair Judges May Evaluate Robots In The Future

The 4-H program has traditionally been an agriculture and home economics based organization. Children ages 8 to 18 have used 4-H to learn valuable skills in a less formal educational setting. Youth Development Educator for Sheridan County Allison Flynn says now 4-H becoming more involved in high-tech vocations.

Tongue River Valley Community Center Very Popular Way To Get Out Of The Cold

“If you build it, they will come.” We don’t have any fields of dreams in northern Wyoming, but we do have the new Dayton location for the Tongue River Valley Community Center. Executive Director Erin Kilbride says the grand opening of the Center in Dayton was just the beginning.