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Open Doors at Ucross for Unplug Families

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The staff at the Ucross Foundation opened their gallery doors specifically for the Unplug families on Saturday for a special showing of their Fall exhibit, “The Universal Language of Birds” by Christian Baal.

This Week's Poll Question

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Exploring the question of discrimination, one has to wonder if discrimination is an issue to be reckoned with, especially in Wyoming, the Equality State,

Foundation Helps Meet Library Funding Needs

The Sheridan County Library Foundation has provided funds to make up for cuts to the county library system every year since 2013.

Search and Rescue Presented With 'Big Check'

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The latest Dining for a Cause at Frackelton's in downtown Sheridan raised $10,551.88 for Sheridan Area Search and Rescue. In addition to individual donations that were made, a total of over $12,500 was raised for the group.

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If I Had My Life to Live Over...

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This is a serious topic. If you had your life to live over, how would you live it?

It seemed appropriate that I started to write this column on the longest day of the year – June 20, 2017. It has taken me a few months to finish it.

Monday 09-25-17

Sheridan County Museum with John Woodward / Sheridan Rec District

Sheridan Travel and Tourism Winter Outlook

Although it is only the end of September, it’s never to early to start looking ahead.

Sheridan County YMCA AARP Partnership

The Sheridan County YMCA offers many different membership options for those in the community to choose from.

Sheriff’s Moving Toward No External Light Bars on Vehicles

The Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office is moving toward having no external light bars on the top of their trucks.

Sheridan College Rodeo Team Results


Sheridan College 945.00

Laramie Co. Community College 870.00

Gillette 850.00

Casper College 690.00

University of Wyoming 685.00

CWC 540.00

Chadron State College 430.00

Otero 390.00

EWC 240.00

NJC 195.00


Gillette 770.00

University of Wyoming 380.00

CWC 260.00

EWC 237.00

Chadron State College 187.00

COSUP 160.00

Laramie Co. Community College 120.0

NJC 90.00

CSU 90.00

Lamar Community College 77.00

Casper College 15.00