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SLIB Board Awards Funds for Sheridan Projects

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The State Loan and Investment Board at their meeting in Cheyenne Thursday approved funding for various projects for the City of Sheridan.

Remember to Get Rabies Shots for Your Pets

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The City of Sheridan has an ordinance that requires all owners to keep their pet’s rabies shots up to date. According to Community Service Officer Ed Boone, there will be strict enforcement of this ordinance.

Whitney Center Gallery Show Ends Thursday

Thursday will be the final day for the current gallery show at the Sheridan College Whitney Center for the Arts. Dr. Erin Hanke, the Director of the Center, said that the art form presented in the show is Printmaking.

Controlled Burns Reported in Sheridan Area

The Sheridan Police Department Dispatch Center confirms that there are some controlled burns scheduled in the area today. Residents could see some smoke.

Should President Trump have launched a missile attack on Syria without congressional approval?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
70% (464 votes)
26% (175 votes)
4% (25 votes)
Total votes: 664

City Eyeing Community Survey Concerning Fluoride

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The application of the supplement to City and Sheridan Area Water Supply customers began in January of 2015.

Public Works Director Talks City’s Role in Interchange Project

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The North Main Interchange project is a joint venture between the Wyoming Department of Transportation and the City of Sheridan.

Wyoming News Update

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Latest Wyoming news, sports, business and entertainment.


Budget Cuts Put Meals Programs in Jeopardy

Budget cuts proposed by the Trump Administration could jeopardize the meals program at Sheridan's Senior Center.