Archive - May 24, 2013

One Week Left for Residents to Apply For Limited Quota Elk, Deer, Antelope Licenses

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has announced there's only one week left for Wyoming resident big game hunters to apply online for limited quota elk, deer and antelope licenses. Though the deadline to submit paper applications has passed, online applications will be accepted until 5 p.m. on Friday, May 31.

Sen. Enzi: Memorial Day is a Day of Reflection

U.S. Senator Mike Enzi issued a statement Friday reminding Wyoming citizens to reflect on the sacrifices made by those in uniform this Memorial Day - and the impact their sacrifices have made on our lives.

SHS Hosts Rodeo This Weekend

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The Sheridan High School Rodeo Team is hosting a rodeo at the county fairgrounds Sunday and Monday starting at 9 in the morning.

Are the IRS, Assiciated Press, and Benghazi scandals grounds for impeachment of President Obama?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
66% (666 votes)
31% (315 votes)
3% (27 votes)
Total votes: 1008

Sand Turn Buzzards Fly Dayton Skies

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According to Johann Nield, president of the Sand Turn Buzzard Squadron, a hang glider living in Dayton is equivalent to a skiier living in Vail, Colorado.


TROOPER BASEBALL - The Sheridan Troopers will be in Gillette for three days starting tomorrow for the annual Gillette Memorial day weekend tournament.

They will play five games, they open with a team from Regina, Saskatchewan and Rock Springs tomorrow. Then they play the two teams from Gillette Sunday and finish up with and the Billings Halos Monday.

Troopers Head coach Ben Phillips says it will be good for the players to get on the field and play several games this weekend and also play some teams they normally don't see during the regular season.