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Sheridan Broncs Vs. Evanston

The Sheridan Broncs fall to Evanston 45 - 46.

Public Pulse - Wednesday 03/07/12

State Legislators / Lean and Green Potluck

Zumbathon 2012 at the Sheridan Holiday Inn

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According to Wikipedia, Zumba is is a Latin dance -inspired fitness program that involves dance and aerobic elements that was created by dancer and choreographer Alberto Perez in Colombia during the 1990s.

Buffalo Quilt Show 2012

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Buffalo's annual Quilt Show, celebrating National Quilt Month, will be on display through the end of March at the Johnson County Library.

Lady Broncs VS Casper Kelly Walsh

The lady Broncs win their game against Casper Kelly Walsh.
Final Score 42-16.

Full Moon

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Full moon on March 8th, 2012

Picture taken by Teresa Garrett-Martin

Sheridan Junior Council: Emma Hall

For our second part of our series with the Sheridan Junior Council, We sat down with Emma Hall. Along with her friend Karsyan Lamb who we talked to last week, Emma has also been on the council for about a year.

Should the Mayor's salary have been raised from $24,000 to $48,000?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
51% (306 votes)
46% (277 votes)
3% (18 votes)
Total votes: 601