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December 28th

Should all public schools be staffed with armed police officers?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
48% (342 votes)
47% (338 votes)
5% (37 votes)
Total votes: 717

December 27th


BRONC / LADY BRONC BASKETBALL - The Broncs and Lady broncs are gearing up for the stretch run of the basketball season.

The Lady Broncs are 7-0 and ranked number one in 4-A while the Broncs are 4-3 overall.

Lady Broncs Head coach Sean Yeager says they are planning on getting a lot done before they head to Riverton in a week.

And he says the Lady Broncs have put in the time to be in the position they are in and the hard work continues.

JCHC Board Concentrating On 2018 Construction Project

At their monthly meeting Wednesday night the Johnson County Healthcare Center's Board of Trustees discussed the next stage of their Capital Construction Plan, the 2018 project that will add onto the hospital and add a new nursing home facility to the center, if approved by the board.

Johnson County Year In Review 2012: July-September

Over the next few days we will review the top stories that happened in Johnson County in 2012.

Today we will be looking at the top stories from July through September.

Mountain Lions in the Big Horns

Scott Talbot, Director of the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission, spoke with Public Pulse Host Kim Love on Tuesday about an increase in the mountain lion population in some places they have not been present historically. Talbot explains.

Wyo. Legislature to Consider Game & Fish License Hikes

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - Wyoming lawmakers will face a range of bills concerning hunting and fishing issues when they convene next month, including one that calls for increasing license fees.

Host of Motley Fool Money Talks Fiscal Cliff

With all the talk about the so-called fiscal cliff looming over our heads, host of Public Pulse, Kim Love, spoke to Chris Hill, the host of Motley Fool Money on Wednesday during a segment of Public Pulse on 930 AM KROE.

Last One of the Year (updated)

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The last Full Moon of 2012 gave the Sheridan area a brief glimpse as it rose at 4:30 pm Thursday and then disappeared. Perhaps if the cloud cover permits it will reappear later in the evening. The last full moon of 2012 actually occurs at 3:21 am (our time) Friday morning - when the moon is exactly opposite the sun but it will look full for a couple of days on either side of that time.

WHP Heightens DUI Enforcement During Holidays

The Wyoming Highway Patrol is increasing the number of boots on the ground during New Years Eve. Sergeant Stephen Townsend with the WHP says this is because of the many late-night parties on the holiday.

Sheridan County Year in Review: April through June

We continue our Sheridan County year in review series with a look back at some of the top stories for April through June.