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Friday's Emergency Drill at Sheridan College: "Practicing is Important"

Local city and county law enforcement held an emergency management drill Friday morning at Sheridan College. Northern Wyoming Community College District Police Chief, Jason Vela, says the drill focused on a scenario involving a barricaded suspect - all to test procedures and response times to this type of crisis.

Superintendent Cindy Hill Responds to Connecticut Massacre

Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction, Cindy Hill, spoke in Cheyenne Friday about the shooting tragedy in Connecticut that has claimed 26 victims, 20 of them schoolchildren.

Conservation Easement Secured for HF Bar Ranch

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The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the Nature Conservancy in Wyoming have partnered to protect the HF Bar Ranch with two conservation easements totaling 2,166 acres. Leah Burgess Lands Program Manager for the Wyoming Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

Budget Panel Grills State Schools Superintendent

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - State schools Superintendent Cindy Hill's management of the Wyoming Education Department continues to draw scrutiny from members of a legislative budget panel.

Flipping the Switch on West Downtown Phase III Project

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Officials with the City of Sheridan flipped the switch on the decorative lighting along Dow and Jefferson Streets, signifying the completion of the West Downtown Phase III project. The project encompassed much of the area near the Sheridan County YMCA and Heritage Towers.

Should Social Security and/or Medicare benefits be changed to partially solve the current fiscal cliff?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
Yes, Social Security
1% (7 votes)
Yes, Medicare
4% (28 votes)
Yes, both
31% (194 votes)
No, Neither
64% (403 votes)
Total votes: 632

Bald Eagle on Soldier Creek Rd.

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Photo Credit: Amy Rundell

Christmas On Upper Prairie Dog Rd.

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Photo by: Christa (Davidson) Grywusiewicz

Alpha Wolf's Killing Incites Policy Woes in Wyoming

The alpha female of the Lamar Canyon wolf pack in Yellowstone was killed by a hunter last week when she strayed outside the park boundaries. The wolf, known as 832F, had been studied by scientists for years, but was only fitted with a radio collar in February of this year.