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December Sage Grouse Meeting Scheduled For Buffalo

The Northeast Wyoming Sage Grouse Working Group will have their next meeting Wednesday, December 12th beginning at 9:30am at the BLM Buffalo Field Office at 1425 Fort Street in Buffalo.

A Close Heartbreaker (Updated)

With the ball and down by one in the waning minutes this throw by the Big Horn Rams ended up in the hands of the Lovell Bulldogs and two kneel downs later the season was all over for the Rams. The final score was 29-28 to send the Lovell Bulldogs into the 2A championship game next Saturday at 10:00 am in Laramie against the Lyman Eagles.

Wyoming’s congressional delegates faced challengers in live debate

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Wyoming’s congressional incumbents held their own in a debate against challengers last night, displaying the practiced manner of Washington veterans while responding to criticisms from Democratic challengers and largely getting a pass from minority party candidates.

Latest Local Football Scores!

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Bulldogs intercept the Rams' final toss. The final score: 29-28, Lovell leading. State championship will take place next Saturday. Stay tuned for today's next game in Gillette.

Daniel Swan Found Guilty Of Child Abuse

Daniel George Swan has been found guilty of one count of child abuse, according to a media release from Johnson County Prosecuting Attorney Ken DeCock.

Get a Jump On Holiday Shopping At Deerfield's Saturday

If you need to do Christmas gift shopping or to pick something up for yourself, try the Downtown Shopping Showcase Saturday at Deerfield's in Buffalo.

Many, many vendors will be packed into the venue to showcase their goods just in time to get Holiday shopping started.

SFR: LuLu's Fire Was Electrical

Sheridan Fire Rescue investigators have announced the fire at LuLu's Cafe on Halloween night was probably caused by an electrical event.

Should election day be changed from Tuesday to a weekend day?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
16% (126 votes)
80% (628 votes)
No Opinion
4% (34 votes)
Total votes: 788

SFR Stamps Out Ceiling Fire

Sheridan Fire/Rescue responded to a structure fire near Gould and 7th Streets at just before 8 o'clock last night. Sheridan Fire Chief, Terry Lenhart, explains what happened.

Fire Chief: Resources Are Adequate

Yesterday, Sheridan Media News aired an interview with one of the firefighters who responded to the structure fire at LuLu's Cafe Halloween night.