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Plenty Going on at the Sheridan County Fair

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As we enter into the last two days of 4-H and FFA events of the Sheridan County Fair, there's still plenty of time to take in what the Fair has to offer.

"All in the Family" - again

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For the second year in a row the Legerski Brothers cornered the market on Grand Champion Market Beef - this time it was at the 2011 Beef Show held at the Sheridan County Fairgrounds on Wednesday evening.

Big West Arts Festival is This Weekend

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The 6th annual Big West Arts Festival at Sheridan College will take place this weekend on the front lawn of the College. Sheridan Media's Ron Richter has more.

Wyoming, Feds announce Plan for Delisting Wolves

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - Wyoming and the U.S. Department of Interior have reached an agreement over how to end federal protections for wolves in the state. Wyoming Governor Matt Mead hailed the agreement Wednesday, saying wolves have taken a heavy toll on livestock and wildlife in the state.

A Fine Time With "Finn"

Twenty-one month old Gabbie Greer seemed to think that Sadie Koltiska's "Finn" was fine indeed as she gives the ear a nice pet Tuesday evening at the Fair. At 5:30 pm Wednesday "Finn" will no doubt be part of the Beef Show: Showmanship, Market Beef & Beef Show Ring that are among the evening events at the Sheridan County Fair.

2011 Johnson County Fair Results


Senior Market Showman Champion is Lauren Rives, Reserve Champion is Brittnee Borgialli.
Intermediate Market Showman Champion is Taylor Rives, Reserve Champion is Shaylyn Huelle.
Junior Market Showman Champion is Quynn Kennedy, Reserve Champion is Rachel Morey.

4-H Rocketeers Blast Away

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Savanna, at mission control, launches her rocket on Tuesday afternoon at the fair. Watching the launch are Tim Bailey - with the Fairgrounds Staff, Brayden, Jerrica Lind - 4-H Educator, Declan, Savanna - at the controls, Wyatt, Bailie, Garrett and hidden from view is Tim's helper Garrett.

Rocky Mountain Ambulance Fills Two of Four Open Positions

Rocky Mountain Ambulance has filled two of the four positions that it aims to fill in order to prepare its staff for the transition of providing ambulance services in Sheridan.

SCA Rodeo Results 7/28

1D Barrels
1. Kortney Fisher 17.95
2. Kylee Cahoy 18.18
3. Sierra Zowada 18.23

2D Barrels
1. Caty Graves 19.05
2. Sierra Zowada 19.09

3D Barrels
1. Valarie Wood 19.95
2. Ronda Holwell 20.10

Senior Barrels
1.MaKenna Balkenbush 18.51
2. Lacy Blea 18.63

Junior Barrels
1. Ellie Bard 18.51
2. Haley Timm 19.43

Pee Wee Barrels
1.Kennedy Myers 20.41
2. Madison Farella 20.79
3. Madison Farella 26.43

1D Poles
1. Ronda Holwell 21.85
2. Kylee Cahoy 22.02

2D Poles
1. Lorie Cahoy 28.11
2. Amber Ringeisen 28.14

Senior Poles
1. Shyanna Cahoy 22.80