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SHS 3rd Quarter Honor Roll 2010 - 2011

"A" Honor Roll

9th Grade

Corbin Abernatha
Luke Adsit
Lauren Alden
Jacob Belus
Bailey Burr
Aaron Campbell
Maggie Clarendon
Nikki Copenhaver
Elizabeth Cote
Grady Craft
Collin Cundy
Drew Dafoe
Gretchen Dougherty
Logan Garstad
Kathryn Gilbert
Nicholas Gill
Ethan Hall
Grace Henderson
Kristin Hoxie
Alexa Inchauspe
Trae Kaufmann
Tyler Kaufmann

Count'em if you can

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"The chicks are in at Shipton's" said a recent advertisement. In addition to baby chicks of all varieties were these baby flying mallard ducks. Did you know that Mallards are thought to be the most abundant duck on Earth? What do you call a gathering of ducks?

An Award for a Good Decision

9-year-old Tongue River Elementary School student was awarded Wednesday during a school assembly for making a very wise decision.

Sheridan County Sheriff Dave Hofmeier explains why Joshua Thayer was given a “Good Decision Award” from Deputy McPhillips.

Public Pulse - Thursday 04/14/11

City Council substitutes for Mayor Dave Kinskey--Steve Brantz, Alex Lee, and John Bigelow

Public Pulse - Wednesday 04/13/11

Author Gary Ferguson / Benedictine Sisters @ San Benito w/Sister Hope

Honoring Our Telecommuncations Operators

Dispatch Centers around the country have been honoring their telecommunication personnel as the industry observes National Telecommunications Week.

Jo Co 4-H Debuts Internship Program

Johnson County 4-H has been working on a new program since 2009, designed to allow kids an opportunity to experience different types of careers available to them through a soon-to-be-implemented internship program.

Company Celebrates Green Day by Donating Banner

A Sheridan company, Bella Graphics, is helping Buffalo celebrate it's Buffalo Go Green Day this Saturday by donating a huge banner advertising the celebration that stretches across Main Street in Downtown Buffalo.

District One Board Approves Support for Students of National Competitions

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Students of Sheridan County School District One who excel at state competitions and advance to national competitions, received some financial support from the District Board of Trustees this week.

Common Core State Standards “Daunting” for School Districts

A fair amount of discussion took place at Tuesday night's Sheridan County School District 2 Board of Trustees meeting regarding the issue of Common Core State Standards.