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“Fill an Empty Bowl” Fundraiser Raises $8,800

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Over 250 people attended the 3rd annual “Fill an Empty Bowl” fundraiser Wednesday night in Sheridan to benefit the Sheridan Community Shelter. Attendees received a bowl of soup in a hand-thrown bowl that they were able to take home with them at the end of the night.

How to measure everything - Inch by Inch

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"Inch by Inch" is how you can measure absolutely everything. Andrea Norwood, the performer, behind the lovable inchworm is about to measure the length of a Flamingo's neck - inch by inch - as performer Rhys Bevan-John maneuvers the Flamingo into position. Andrea and Rhys have been puppeteers with Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia since 2008.

Hospital Foundation Receives Pledge Toward Cancer Center

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At Wednesday's Sheridan Memorial Hospital Board meeting, a sizable Leadership Gift was presented to the Hospital Foundation. Hospital CEO Mike McCafferty explains.

Public Pulse - Thursday 03/24/11

Pink Flamingo w/Amy Albrecht / Pat James, author "Slow Eyed Sentinels"

Buffalo Police Apply For Speed Enforcement Grant

The Buffalo Police Department will apply for a Speed Enforcement Grant to help with enforcement of speed limits on city streets.

Buffalo Council OK's Earth/Arbor Day Celebration

Saturday, April 16th will be proclaimed Earth/Arbor Day in Buffalo, after the City Council approved a number of requests for celebrations downtown that day.


Generals head coach Steve Smiley


Ryan Aaron—Gillette

Trevin Harris—Western

Brandan Walton—Casper

Jerrell Crayton—Sheridan

Bojan Mihajlovic—Central

Tyler Condie—Western

Rodrigo Silva—Laramie County


Rodrigo De Souza—Western

Everett Robinson—Central

Terrance Dent—Laramie County

Will Walker—Northwest

Lamont Prosser—Sheridan

Travis Shepherd—Laramie County

Cam Howard—Casper


Khion Sankey—Sheridan

Jordan Hayter—Western

Tallon Robertson—Western

Jordan Johnson—Eastern

Jace Short—Central

Chantz Ramos—Northwest

Senator Enzi Highlights Special Chamber Luncheon

The Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce Governmental Affairs Committee hosted a special Chamber Luncheon Wednesday that featured U.S. Senator Mike Enzi as the Guest Speaker.

Big Summer Ahead for Sheridan County Sheriff's Deputy

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This summer will be a very eventful one for a certain Sheridan County Sheriff's Deputy. Sheridan Media's Ron Richter explains.

Rights and Responsibilities of Free Speech

Dr. John O'Malley gave a lecture at the C-Tel Presentation Hall at Sheridan College Wednesday evening entitled “The Ethics of the Spoken Word: the College, the Faculty, the Student". Dr. O'Malley is the Vice President of Lone Star Community College-Kingwood in Houston, TX.