Archive - Feb 2011

Commission to Hear from Home Association

The Johnson County Commissioners look to have a light agenda on Tuesday at their regular meeting.

The Hazelton Homeowners Association will present a proposal to the commission for an agreement between the Forest Service, the county and themselves. Commissioner Smokey Wildeman explains.

Full Agenda Tuesday for City Council

The Buffalo City Council will have their first meeting of the month Tuesday, and will have a full agenda to work through.

The Buffalo Golf Club will address the council about an issue with their raw water line. Councilman Bruce Hepp explains.


LADY BRONC BASKETBALL - The Lady Broncs are 15-0 and 3-0 in conference play they host games with the Cheyenne schools Friday and Saturday.

Game times have changed the JV's will play Friday evening at 5:00 with the varsity game at 6:45. On Saturday the JV's go at 10:00 and the varsity at 11:45.

Lady Broncs Head coach Derek bissitt says victories like the one they had in Gillette draw teams closer together. And he says the have many big conference games coming up over the next several weeks.