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City Council Adopts Funding Resolution For One-Cent Tax

Sheridan City Council President John Bigelow

The Sheridan City Council approved a funding resolution for the optional one-cent sales tax at their meeting Monday night. The total projected revenue for the tax over the next four years is $3.6 million, which is lower than what's been accustom over the past decade. Council President John Bigelow.

City Continues to Work On Traffic Management Plan

City of Sheridan Police Chief Richard Adriaens

City of Sheridan Police Chief Richard Adriaens has been working with Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey for the past six weeks on the development of a Traffic Management plan for the City. Police Chief Richard Adriaens says that they aren't reinventing the wheel with this new plan.

Public Pulse - Monday 09/20/10

Sheridan County Historical Society / Buffalo Chamber of Commerce

Donnar the Police Dog

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Donnar the Police Dog

During a Police Dog demonstration at the "Scratch-N-Sniff" Fun Day at the Park on Saturday

Scratch-N-Sniff Part II

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Dog Days of Summer - NOT

It was definitely not the Dog Days of Summer

Jackson Wy High School Rodeo Results / Sheridan County Athletes

Jackson Wy High school rodeo results / Sheridan county athletes

Saturday 9/18/10 Niki Bauman 1st in the goat tying with a 7.3
Niki Bauman and Kylee Cahoy teamed up to place 6 th in the team roping with a 15.75

Kylee Cahoy placed 4th in the barrels with a 16.90
Kylee Cahoy placed 2nd in the pole bending with a 21.19

Amanda Nicholson placed 7th in the goats with a 9.3

Tragedy on Big Goose Road

Just after midnight Friday night into Saturday morning this past weekend, an horrific accident involving two young people in a PT Cruiser and a loose horse on the highway happened in front of the home of one of our Sheridan Media employees. Mary Jo Johnson has this exclusive interview with Elizabeth Reynolds Kincaid.

Local Riders Benefit St. Jude's

Sunday, September 26th, horse riding enthusiasts have an opportunity to go on a trail ride for a good cause. Members of the Blue Sky Saddle Club are organizing a St. Jude's Trail Ride, and event organizer Marty Casey tells us.

Poll Question: Tea Party Influence on Elections

Last Tuesday in what many consider to be surprise upsets, several Tea Party candidates won primary elections in bids that were initially considered “shoe-ins” for the incumbents and / or challengers. In Delaware, Cynthia O'Donnell beat out incumbent Michael N. Castle; in Alaska, Joe Miller won against incumbent Lisa Murkowski.

Dog Days of September

All dogs might go to heaven, but even if they don’t, they were pretty darn close Saturday as the Dog and Cat Shelter hosted its second annual “Scratch-N-Sniff” Fun Day at Kendrick Park.