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GI Bill helps Wyo. kids and spouses get education

The Post 9/11 GI Bill is helping some University of Wyoming students earn a college degree. UW sophomore John McKnight says he probably would have had to take a year off of school to work before heading to college without the benefits his father earned from the GI bill.
McKnight's is the first class to be able to take advantage of

The County Rodeo & FJ Fenster are coming your way

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The County Rodeo & FJ Fenster  are coming your way

The 30th Annual Sheridan County Rodeo started with a full slate of events Friday evening.

Grants For Physician Recruitment Currently Available

Many counties around Wyoming continue to lack sufficient health care access, and a significant part of this problem is due to a shortage of physicians. In order to increase the number of physicians in Wyoming, Kim Deti with the Wyoming Department of Health says they are offering grant monies: