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Paul Fall Will Continue as Sheridan County Assessor

Paul Fall received nearly 15-hundred more votes than his opponent in this election, and will continue as Sheridan County Assessor:

Fall received over 3,500 votes and has no opponents in the General Election.

Rosie Berger--Ready To Go Back To Work

Rosie Berger will continue to serve as the State Representative for Precinct 51, receiving nearly twice the number of votes as her Republican opponent.

She says as far as this year's campaigning:

And going back to work, she says:

Three Incumbent Sheridan County Commissioners Continue to General Election

The three Republican Sheridan County Commissioners that were up for reelection, Steve Maier, Terry Cram, and Bob Rolston will continue on to the General Election. Chairman
Steve Maier:

Commissioner Bob Rolston says he has many projects he hopes to continue and implement:

Lummis Easy Winner in Wyoming GOP House Primary

Wyoming Representative Cynthia Lummis

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - Wyoming Republican Representative Cynthia Lummis has easily defeated a weak primary challenger to advance to the general election. Lummis beat Casper artist Evan Slafter in Tuesday's primary. Slafter never attempted a credible campaign. The first-term congresswoman will face David Wendt of Jackson in November. Wendt was unopposed in the Democratic primary.

Diabetes Duathlon Part II

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It takes two to duathlon for diabetes

Kristi Halvorson completes the 3-mile run

$1,000,000 Grant Requested From FAA

The Sheridan County Commissioners approved a grant application to the FAA, in the amount of 1-million dollars. Airport Manager
John Stopka:

If approved, the state would be required to contribute over $31,000 to match the grant, while the airport's match would be roughly $21,000.

Public Pulse - Tuesday 08/17/10

Sheridan County Historical Society / Start West w/Ron Patterson

Diabetes Duathlon Part I

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"Old Dogs" Ride Bikes

The 4th Annual Diabetes Duathlon

August District 2 Board Report

The last Sheridan County School District 2 board meeting of the summer was a relatively short one, but packed with updates on $2.5 million-worth of summer capital construction updates. Sheridan Media's Mary Jo Johnson has the report.


Kamrin Allen and Sheridan golfers open the season Thursday

BRONC AND LADY BRONC GOLF - The Sheridan Bronc golfers will be one of two favorites to win the 4-A golf state title in September. The Broncs and Lady Broncs open the 2010 season Thursday and Friday at a tournament in Riverton.

As freshmen and sophomores this year's Broncs won the state title in 2008 last year Evanston took the title away and the two teams look to be loaded up again this fall to challenge for the state title again.