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Hospital Board Approves Budget

The Sheridan Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees approved the budget for fiscal year 2010-2011.

The Sheridan Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees approved the budget for the upcoming fiscal year at their monthly meeting Wednesday. Hospital CFO Ed Johlman explains the numbers.

Forest Service Monitoring Bark Beetle Damage

An image of what bark beetles can do to lodgepole pine trees,

The bark beetle has no doubt been reeking havoc throughout parts of Wyoming over the past few years, but for the most part, the infestation hasn't been too severe in the Big Horn Mountains. That is starting to change, however, as both the west and east slopes of the mountain are starting to show signs of damage.

False Alarm at the Sheridan County Airport

Crews from Sheridan Fire Rescue received a call to assist several other Sheridan County emergency service agencies just before noon Wednesday at the Sheridan County Airport. Sheridan Fire Rescue Captain Mike Miller explains what happened.

Public Pulse - Wednesday 06/23/10

Senior Center / Lauren Sarantopulos My Big Paintings

Roberts Sentenced for Vehicular Homicide

It was an emotional morning in 4th Judicial District Court Tuesday. Sheridan Media's Mary Jo Johnson has the report.

Relay for Life this Weekend

Friday night Sheridan's 18th Annual Relay for Life event will take place. Over twenty teams that will be taking part, with the theme “Celebrating Birthdays.”

For the third year, it all happens at the track facilities on the Normative Services campus west of Sheridan. Event Chair Lynnie Phipps comments.

Water on Coffeen

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Water on Coffeen

Motorists at 5:00pm, June 22nd at the juncture of Coffeen Avenue and Avoca/Sugarland

To Standardize or Not To Standardize...

Community Colleges around Wyoming have been offering either dual enrollment or concurrent enrollment for some time now, but there have been instances where courses taken in high school have not necessarily transferred credit-wise for high school seniors. Sheridan Media's Mary Jo Johnson with more.


SHERIDAN HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL - Yesterday we began our series with former Wyoming All-Mountain West linebacker Ward Dobbs. Dobbs is running the Sheridan high school off season training program. He graduated from UW and did his student teaching this spring at Sheridan high school.

Dobbs brings a wealth of training knowledge to the program and from his in his high school days in Alaska learned that the hard work pays off for athletes wanting to advance to play their sports in college.