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Eleven Appear in Court on MIP Charges

Friday June 4th, Deputies with the Sheridan County Sheriff's Office made multiple arrests at a shop party on Bowie Road in Sheridan. The bulk of the citations that were given out were for Minor in Possession, as 24 minors were cited. Eleven of those minors appeared in Circuit Court before Judge Sampson Monday afternoon, with all of them pleading guilty to their charge.

Council of Community Services Work Session

Council of Community Services Executive Director Carma Harston

The Sheridan City Council received an update from Council of Community Services Executive Director Carma Harston during a noon work session Monday. The Council of Community Services is a non-profit agency based in Gillette that provides basic human services in the form of food, housing, medical care and clothing.

Weekly Poll Question: One Way at Whittier

The City of Sheridan recently installed a traffic control measure at Wyoming Avenue and Whittier Street. A neighborhood petition is what prompted the traffic control study, as residents expressed concern that Wyoming Avenue was getting too much traffic due to motorists using it as a thoroughfare instead of Coffeen Avenue.

Judge Knocks State's Handling of Kidnapped Trucker

U.S. District Judge William Downes

CASPER, Wyo. (AP) - A federal judge says the state of Wyoming's treatment of a Wal-Mart trucker kidnapped by a rogue state trooper during an aborted murder plot was sleazy. U.S. District Judge William Downes didn't rule Monday on the state's request to dismiss the trucker's lawsuit.

Sheridan Media Golf Tournament on Friday, June 11th.

No sunscreen is needed today and if the weather holds no one will drown because of rain

Sheridan Media Golf Tournament on Friday, June 11th.

Public Pulse - Monday 06/14/10

Sheridan Solid Waste Management and Recycling

A Celebration of Soldiers and Veterans

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Singing of the National Anthem - Kelly Miller Smart

"A Celebration of Soldiers and Veterans Who Continue Protecting Our Freedom"

Mr & Miss Basketball

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Mr & Miss Basketball

Daniel Estes from Laramie High School and Kayla Fakelman from Kelly Walsh High School

Freedom Salute Ceremony Honors Our Combat Veterans

U.S. Senator John Barraso was on hand to honor local Soldiers and their families at the Freedom Salute Ceremony Sunda in Sheridan.

Sunday, an official welcome home was given to those National Guard troops from Sheridan who worked hard to keep us safe and keep us free. Recently returning home from a year-long deployment to Kuwait and Iraq, the soldiers of the 115th Fires Brigade were honored in a ceremony at the Holiday Inn.

Powder River…Let ‘er Buck Ceremony

Saturday, dark skies didn’t dampen the spirits of the Powder River—Let ‘er Buck concert held in honor of our soldiers, past and present, who continue to protect our freedoms. The event, originally scheduled at Whitney Commons Park was moved to Sheridan College’s Golden Dome because of rain.