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Blankenship to Run for Superintendent

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - Former Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction Trent Blankenship has filed to run again for the office. Blankenship resigned as superintendent in June 2005, citing time away from his family and political fights with Governor Dave Freudenthal.

July is Now the Target For Ruby Pipeline Approval

July is Now the Target For Ruby Pipeline Approval

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - Construction of a $3 billion gas pipeline from Wyoming to Oregon has been pushed back amid work to protect cultural sites and endangered species. The 42-inch Ruby Pipeline will run 675 miles from Opal in western Wyoming to Malin, Oregon, crossing Utah and Nevada along the way.

Baroque and Symphony

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The Sheridan High School Baroque and Symphony Orchestra performances held at 7:00 pm, May 26 2010 in the Sue Henry Theater.

Results of the Sheridan Local Hershey Track and Field, May 25, 2010

Name Event and Time Place

BOYS 9-10 50 m

Brock Bomar 7.78 1
Garrett Coon 8.13 2
Liam Shannon 8.21 3
Jarrod Roberts 8.26 4
Elliot Boley 8.29 5
Jack Chase 8.54 6

BOYS 9-10 100 m

Aaron Sessions 15.02 1
Parker Christensen 15.73 2
Brock Bomar 15.78 3
Tristan Bower 15.89 4
Drew Mavrakis 16.21 5
Nate Roe 16.24 6

BOYS 9-10 200 m

Aaron Session 30.57 1
Tristan Bower 32.97 2
Mike Dobson 37 3
Riis Card 37.03 4
Linton Oppegard 37.6 5
Jacob McIntyre 40.99 6

Is the Obama administration doing a good job of responding to the B P Oil disaster?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
16% (71 votes)
77% (336 votes)
No Opinion
7% (31 votes)
Total votes: 438

“Don't Fry Day” Friday

Even though the weather forecast for our area is not boding well for sunshine, the American Cancer Society is running a nationwide campaign today to kick off the holiday weekend, dubbing it “Don't Fry Day” Friday.

Chris LeDoux Sculpture to be Unveiled

Kaycee, Wyoming has a population of 300; however, there is sure to be many more people in town than that come Father's Day weekend. Saturday, June 19 a life-and-a-half size bronze of Chris LeDoux will be unveiled in the new Chris LeDoux Memorial Park in downtown Kaycee.

Transition Home Tough on Soldiers

CODY, Wyo. (AP) - Memorial Day was established as a time to remember those soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice. But it also can be a difficult time for veterans who have recently returned home from a deployment overseas.

Operation C.A.R.E. in Effect

The Wyoming Highway Patrol will be out in full force for the Memorial Day weekend.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol is once again taking part in the national Operation CARE program to deter highway fatalities and accidents over the three day holiday weekend.