Archive - Apr 2010

April 21st

Body Found In The Big Horns

Sheridan County Sheriff Dave Hofmeier

On April 16th, the Sheridan County Sheriff's Office received a report that a dead body was believed to be located in the Big Horn Mountains, within Sheridan County. Sheriff Dave Hofmeier explains the events that transpired over the last couple of days.

Sexual Assault Defendant Changes Plea

53-year-old Richard Hill, of Newcastle, went before Judge John Fenn in 4th Judicial District Court Tuesday to change his plea on a 2nd Degree Sexual Assault charge. In August of 2009, Hill plead "Not Guilty" when arraigned on the charge, which alleged that Hill had had sexual contact with a girl between the ages of 13 and 15.

Thief Pleads Guilty; Awaits Sentencing

34-year-old Christopher Lande was arraigned in 4th Judicial District Court Tuesday morning, and plead "Guilty" to two counts of "Wrongful Taking of Property."

April 20th

District Courtroom Back in Business

For the first time in several months, the 4th Judicial District Court held their sessions back in the newly remodeled 3rd floor District Courtroom in the new section of the Sheridan County Courthouse. Sheridan Media's Mary Jo Johnson has more.

Sheridan College And Its Impact On The Local Economy

Study shows Sheridan College has a profound impact on the local economy.

A recently released socioeconomic impact study shows that Sheridan College is helping the local economy in more ways than one. College Vice President for Development Susan Bigelow explains.

Get Your Coke-Can Costumes Out For Earth Day...Recycle-Ready Ones, Of Course

Get your tree, mountain and recycle-ready soda can costumes out--this year's "Earth Day" celebrations in Sheridan's Kendrick Park will include a "recycle run," with prizes to be awarded for the best costume.

Thursday's celebrations in the park will also include a bbq, recycle fair, booths...and of course there will be a tree planting as well.

Governor Feels UW Made Right Decision On Ayers

William Ayers won't be speaking at the University of Wyoming anytime soon.

The University of Wyoming's decision to cancel the William Ayers presentation earlier this month has sparked quite a bit of controversy as well as a lawsuit filed by Colorado Attorney David Lane. Lane claims that Ayers 1st Amendment rights were violated when school officials stated that his client could not speak anywhere on campus, whether it be at a formal event or informally.