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January 26th

Closing Arguments Wrap Up 1st Degree Murder Trial In Buffalo

Closing arguments in the 1st degree murder trial of 45-year-old Leah Benjamin of Buffalo took place Wednesday in 4th Judicial District Court in Johnson County. State Prosecutor Chris Wages began the day recapping the events that occurred during the early morning hours of May 3rd 2009 that resulted in Leah Benjamin fatally shooting her estranged husband Donald Benjamin three times.

Tongue River Valley Community Center Receives Sizable Grant

Life just gets brighter and brighter for the Tongue River Valley Community Center. They have just received a grant in the amount of $5,000 from the Sheridan/Johnson Community Foundation, an affiliate of the Wyoming Community Foundation.

January 25th

Wyoming Game and Fish Brings Four Hunting Violation Cases to Circuit Court

The majority of the Monday morning session in Sheridan County Circuit Court focused on four separate Game and Fish cases.

Court Cases Prompt Reminder from Sheridan's Regional Game & Fish Office

The three Wyoming Game & Fish false oath cases in Circuit Court Monday morning prompted Judge John Sampson to comment that he's seen more such cases this season alone than in all the years he's been on the bench. Warren Mischke is the Public Information Specialist with the Wyoming Game & Fish Regional Office in Sheridan.

District 2 Board And Sheridan College Board Hold Annual Meeting

Each school year, the Boards of Trustees for Sheridan County School District 2 and the Northern Wyoming Community College District meet for dinner and updates on how their collaborations are going. Normally, this gathering takes place in September, but this school year, it worked out to take place just after 1st Semester wrapped up for District 2.

State Auditor Rita Meyer Explains Her Decision To Run For Wyoming Governor

Wyoming State Auditor Rita Meyer announced recently that she will be running for Governor on the Republican ticket. Meyer stopped by the Sheridan Media studio's Monday to talk about some of the factors that lead to her candidacy.

Evidence Portion Of Murder Trial In Johnson County Comes To A Close

The defense and prosecution rested their cases Monday in the 1st degree murder trial of 45-year-old Leah Benjamin of Buffalo. Benjamin is charged with first-degree murder after the May 3rd shooting death of her husband, Donald Benjamin.

Sheridan County Commissioners Hold Special Meeting Monday Morning

The Sheridan County Commission held a special session Monday morning on behalf of Sheridan County residents. Commissioner Tom Ringley.

Resolution 10-01-003 states:

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