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Are you going to make any New Year's resolutions?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
31% (79 votes)
64% (164 votes)
5% (14 votes)
Total votes: 257

Looking Towards the Future

With six months under his belt as Northern Wyoming's Community College District President, Dr. Paul Young has hit the floor running and is still running hard and...

NORAD Prepared to Track Santa

WYOMING NEWS SERVICE, Cheyenne, WY – For those wondering when Santa Claus will make his visit to Wyoming, the exact time will be pinpointed by the people who monitor airspace safety over the United States and Canada. In fact, Santa will receive a military escort when he arrives over the U.S.

Buffalo Deer Hunts Complete

The Buffalo Police Department has finished this year's deer harvest after recently reaching their goal of taking 75 animals from within city limits.

Buffalo Council Approves Sewer Modeling Bid

The Buffalo City Council has approved a bid from Grizzly Engineering to perform a sewer modeling study on the city's existing sewer line infrastructure. Aaron Palmer has more.


WYOMING COWGIRLS BASKETBALL - The Wyoming Cowgirls played at Utah state yesterday and picked up their 9th win of the season after blowing out the Aggies 80-50.

The Cowgirls are now 9-3 overall got 24 points from Hillary Carlson , Aubrey Vandiver chipped in with 18 points and a dozen rebounds and five assists.

The Cowgirls will play on the 30th in Rock Springs, it's an exhibition with Western Montana they open MWC play January 5th with a home game with Colorado state.

Party Truffles + Margarita Mix + Christmas Shopping

Downtown Sheridan continues to be bustling with what appears to be some last minute shoppers. Sheridan Media's Betsy Love hit the streets and learned that isn't exactly what's going on:

IRS Asking Some Folks Not To Be the Early Bird This Year

Following last week's tax changes the IRS announced Thursday they are asking some people to wait until February to file their return. Karen Connelly, regional IRS Spokesperson says that although most people will not be affected by these changes, those who fall into one of three categories should wait until mid to late February to file their return: