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Mead Wins Easily in Governor's Race

Republican Candidate Matt Mead will be the next Governor of the State of Wyoming, as Mead beat out Democrat Leslie Petersen handily with over 72% of the vote. So what was Mead's reaction to his big win.

Cindy Hill Wins Bid for State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Not only will Wyoming have a new Governor come 2011, but a new State Superintendent of Public Instruction is also in the cards for the State's future. Republican Cindy Hill won easily over Democrat Mike Massie in what was supposed to be one of the closer statewide races.

Four More Years for Webster

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Ward 3 in Sheridan will have a familiar face representing them for the next four years, as Robert Webster had nearly twice as many votes as his opponent Melvin Krenzelok in one of only two contested races for Sheridan City Council.

1-Cent Optional Sales Tax Results

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With constrained economic conditions, many questioned whether the optional 1-cent sales tax would be renewed in Sheridan County. Sheridan Media's Betsy Love has more:

Ranchester Elects a New Mayor

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The race for Mayor of Ranchester was separated by only 23 votes as Allan Moore edged Peter Clark by the narrowest of margins. Moore says that he intends to keep working on some of the things that were started by longtime Mayor Cliff Clevenger.

Representative Lummis Will Return To Congress

One of the first statewide races to be called was for the U.S. House of Representatives. Republican Cynthia Lummis won a clear majority over her Democratic opponent, David Wendt, and so will be returning to Washington as Wyoming's sole House Representative.

Sheridan County Commissioner Terry Cram Reelected

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Sheridan County Commissioner Terry Cram was the top "vote getter" in the Commissioner's race, followed closely by Steve Maier and Bob Rolston. Cram, upon hearing that he was re-elected, said he "was just grateful for the support":

Alex Lee Wins Sheridan City Council Ward II Seat

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Alex Lee is the declared winner for Sheridan City Council Ward 2. Lee received nearly 1,400 votes, beating his opponent, Marc Ketchum, who received just over 900.

Johnson County Election Results

With 100% of the 17 precincts in Johnson County counted, there were no real surprises in the outcomes of the races here.

Sheridan's Stonehenge?

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Bellevue Memorial Park with its unique design and its pergola and columns