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Education? Taxes? Healthcare? SLIB? Candidates Discuss “The Issues” At Sheridan College

With just two weeks to go before the general election, the first of two candidate panels, sponsored by the Sheridan Chamber of Commerce, was held at Sheridan College last night. Candidates for the national and state races, as well as Sheridan County Commissioners were Monday's panel speakers. So how successful were last night's panelists in persuading audience members?

City Council Overrides Planning Commission's Decision

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Sheridan City Councilor Ryan Mulholland

The Sheridan City Council Monday night considered an appeal regarding the Planning and Zoning Commission's denial of a building permit for a light manufacturing building to be constructed on the Hi-Tech Business Park in north Sheridan.

Sheridan College to Expand Culinary Program

Last week we told you about Sheridan College's long term plan to build an Academic Center on campus to compensate for growth at the College. While that facility may be years down the road, there are other things going on at the College that are more immediate. The success of the Wyoming Culinary Institute has prompted officials from the College to look at possible areas of expansion.

Sheridan WYO Rodeo Shifts Leadership

The Sheridan WYO Rodeo Board of Directors recently held their annual meeting to elect officers who will serve for the next year. WYO Rodeo Board member Tom Ringley explains that there will be new leadership on the Board for the coming year.

Chamber Looks for New Director

As of today, Janelle Anderson is no longer Director of the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce. Chamber of Commerce Board President Ryan Franklin explains the change.

Franklin said that the Board of Directors has appointed Teresa Detimore as the interim Chamber Director until the position can be permanently filled.

Dharminder Sen: In Limine Hearing

Diminished Capacity: in criminal law, the inability to have the state of mind required for the commission of a particular crime.

Intent: the state of mind wherein the person knows and desires the consequences of his or her act. For criminal liability, intent must exist at the time the offense is committed.

Public Pulse - Monday 10/18/10

Governor Candidates Matt Meade & Leslie Peterson

New Bicycle Lane Pavement Markings

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New Bicycle Lane Pavement Markings

Motorists and bicyclists alike should be aware of the new bicycle lane pavement marking along the recently reconstructed Sugarland Lane

The Tongue River T-Birds Win

Tongue River Middle School wins the 2010 Northeast District Volleyball Tournament.

Poll Question: Fluoridated Water

Many years ago, fluoride was a part of Sheridan's water system, but then was removed. Now, there are some in town who would like to have fluoride put back into the water.