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Public Pulse - Thursday 09/03/09

Linda Garretson and Tracy Jones- Child Development Center / Sheridan County Needs Assessment-Les Engleter & Linda Gostas

Sheridan County Tripartite Board Addresses Community Needs

The Sheridan County Tripartite Board is responsible for administering federal funding to areas of need in Sheridan County. Every three years the board conducts a community needs assessment that prioritizes needs within the county.

The latest needs assessment showed that the number one concern among residents is medical services.

Is Sheridan doing an adequate job of addressing the needs of its youth?

First Northern Bank of Wyoming
47% (188 votes)
49% (196 votes)
No Opinion
4% (14 votes)
Total votes: 398

09/03/09 Sports for Thursday

BIG HORN RAMS - The Big Horn Rams made it to the 2-A Title game in 2008, as they look to return to that form this fall. Tonight, the Rams open the regular season against Greybull; the game will be played at Homer Scott Stadium. The Rams beat the Buffaloes twice last season, including a win in the first round on the play-offs.