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Monday 04-23-18

State Representatives Mark Jennings / Santosha Yoga Workshop

Thursday 04-19-18

Sheridan County Commissioners

Wednesday 04-18-18

Sheridan Police Department / Compass Light of Hope Breakfast

Tuesday 04-17-18

VOA Moral Injury / Whitney Center

Wednesday 04-11-18

Wyoming Game and Fish Department / Second Chance Sheridan Cat Rescue

Tuesday 04-10-18

Wyoming Highway Patrol / Sheridan VA

Monday 04-09-18

Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce / Local Counselor Lynn Gordon

Thursday 04-05-18

Sheridan County YMCA / WYO Theater

Wednesday 04-04-18

Sheridan Police Department / Child Abuse Prevention Month with COMPASS

Tuesday 04-03-18

Sheridan Dog and Cat Shelter / Whitney Center: Mark Bergman / Public Arts: Kim Love

Monday 04-02-18

Dining For A Cause: Sheridan Community Land Trust / SCSD#2

Thursday 03-29-18

Sheridan County Sheriff / Rex Rammel Candidate for Wyoming Governor

Wednesday 03-28-18

University of Wyoming / The Hub

Tuesday 03-27-189

Library / Career Fair