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Monday 04-06-15

Library / Chamber of Commerce

Thursday 04-02-15

When I'm 64: Taking the Mystery Out of Long-Term Care, Ann Gardner / Sheridan Recreation District, Richard Wright

Wednesday 04-01-15

Sheridan Police / Trail End Opens for Season, Cynde Georgen

Tuesday 03-31-15

State Treasurer Mark Gordon / Sheridan Arts Council, Ron Krikac

Monday 03-30-15

Counselor Lynn Gordon / SD#2

Wednesday 03-26-15

Sheridan Media Irish Correspondence, Alfie Deehan / Senior Olympics, Roger Wilson

Wednesday 03-25-15

University of Wyoming / Sheridan College “Little Shop of Horrors”

Tuesday 03-24-15

Miss American Indian Reunion, Judy Slack / Author CJ Box


Sheridan County Museum / Sheridan Memorial Hospital Colon Cancer Awareness Month, Wanda Webb

Tuesday 03-19-15

County Commissioners

Wednesday 03-18-15

Sheridan Police / Senior Center Fraud Alert Program, Scams

Tuesday 03-17-15

Sheridan Chamber of Commerce and Manufacturing Works, Dixie Johnson and Matt Melinkovich

Monday 03-16-15

Sheridan Health Center, Cathi Kindt

Thursday 03-13-15

Senator John Barrasso / City Representatives

Wednesday 03-11-15

Game and Fish / KLife-Tim Tebow Appearance

Tuesday 03-10-15

Celtic Sage, Leslie Viren / State Superintendent, Jillian Balow

Monday 03-09-15

Chamber of Commerce / Sheridan Community Land Trust Annual Open House, Claire Hobbs