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Monday 01-12-15

Chamber of Commerce / Rotary Club Dueling Pianos Fundraiser, Tab Barker and Sasha Johnston

Thursday 01-08-15

Mayor John Heath and Public Works Director Nick Bateson.

Tuesday 01-06-15

Animal Shelter / Senior Center Tim Tarver "When I'm 64"

Monday 01-05-15

Library / Counselor Lynn Gordon

Wednesday 12-31-14

UW Chad Baldwin / Retiring Sheridan Police Captain Scott Chandler

Tuesday 12-30-14

State Treasurer, Mark Gordon

Monday 12-29-14

Public Health: Maternal and Infant Health
/ Sheridan on Skates.

Tuesday 12-23-14

Motley Fool, Chris Hill / Sheridan Media Irish Correspondence, Alfie Deehan

Monday 12-22-14

Senator Bruce Burns and Representative Kathy Coleman

Thursday 12-18-14

State Superintendent Elect Jillian Balow

Wednesday 12-17-14

County Commissioners

Tuesday 12-16-14

Adult Basic Education, Sarah Riehn / School District #1, Marty Kobza

Monday 12-15-14

Sheridan Recreation District, Brandon Gardner / My Wyoming, 101 Special Places Author Bill Sniffin

Wednesday 12-10-14

Game and Fish and Sheridan College Spectacular