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Tuesday 09-11-18

Wyoming Highway Patrol / WYO Theater

Monday 09-10-18\

Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce / Senator Dave Kinskey

Wednesday 09-05-18

Sheridan Police Department / Adam and Brenda Weatherby

Tuesday 09-04-18

Sheridan Dog and Cat Shelter / Balloon the Bighorns

Thursday 08-30-18

Sheridan County Sheriff / Whitney Center for the Arts

Wednesday 08-29-18

University of Wyoming / SCSD3

Tuesday 08-28-18

Library / WTBC Director Scot Rendall

Thursday 08-23-18

Children's and Youth Chorale / Sheridan VA

Wednesday 08-22-18

AARP of Wyoming / Big Brothers Big Sisters

Tuesday 08-21-18

Suds N' Spurs Brewfest / Lynn Gordon

Monday 08-20-18

Local Forensic Pathologist Tom Bennett / Sheridan Pilots Association / Republican Candidate for State Auditor Nathan Winters

Thursday 08-16-18

Sheridan County Commissioners

Wednesday 08-15-18

Sheridan Police Department / U.S. Senate Candidate Dave Dodson

Wednesday 08-14-18

Wyoming Highway Patrol / Sod Farm Festival

Monday 08-13-18

Due to technical issues, this Public Pulse was not recorded.