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Public Pulse 06/24/09

Wednesday -S.C. S.D. #2 w / Craig Daugherty / Craft Brothers

Public Pulse 06/23/09

Gil Bollinger, "Images of America-Buffalo" / Paul Starobin-Author of "After America: Narratives For The Next Global Age"

Public Pulse 06/22/09

Buffalo Bill Days / Relay For Life-Bill King

Public Pulse 04/14/09

Part One:Forward Sheridan - FUSE. Part Two: American Veterans Traveling Tribute

Public Pulse 04/13/09

Part One:Earth Day. Part Two: Erin Butler Civic Theatre Guild - "Cole"

Public Pulse 04/09/09

Part one: Jenni Lowe-Anker, Friends of the Library Part two: Carrie
Rogaczewski & Jamie Young, Sheridan County Conservation Dist.

Public Pulse 04/06/09

Part one: Library Part two: Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce

Public Pulse 03/30/09

1st half: John Bigelow and Dave Kinskey
2nd half: Dave Freudenthal

Public Pulse 03/27/09

Another open line Friday with Kim Love.

Public Pulse 03/26/09

Part one: Representatives from the Sheridan Senior Center
Part Two: Gordon Smith with Source Leadership

Public Pulse 03/24/09

David Keene speaks with Kim about the Republican Lincoln Day Dinner.

Public Pulse 03/23/09

Part one: Sheridan County Historical Society
Part two: Alternative Energy Solutions with Matt Trierweiler

Public Pulse 03/20

Another open line Friday with Kim Love.

Public Pulse 03/19/09

Mary Jo fills in for Kim Love today. Part one we have the Sheridan College. Part two is the Sheridan School District #2.

Public Pulse 03/18/09

Today Mary Jo sits down with the Sheridan County Commissioners

Public Pulse 03/17/09

Kurt is in for Kim Today. Part one with The Westerner's International. Part two: Big Horn school students with Kick Butts Day.

Public Pulse 03/11/09

Mary Jo in for Kim today. She speaks with Sheridan County Commissioners.

Public Pulse 03/10/09

Today Kim Speaks with State Representative John Patton and Celtic Sage.

Public Pulse 03/16/09

Kurt Layer takes the helm today with his guest Ken Kerns. They talk about the Coal Bed/Natural Gas Alliance.