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Tuesday 05-22-18

Local Counselor Lynn Gordon / Sheridan Recreation District

Monday 05-21-18

Museum / Second Chance Sheridan Cat Rescue

Thursday 05-17-18

Sheridan County Commissioners

Wednesday 05-16-18

Sheridan Police Department / Ignite Your Business Conference

Tuesday 05-15-18

Wyoming Promise with Kenneth Chestek

Monday 05-14-18

VA Veterans Health Information Exchange / Dr. Erin Nitschke

Wednesday 05-09-18

Wyoming Game and Fish Department / State Representative Mark Kinner

Tuesday 05-08-18

Whitney Center: Eric Richards

Monday 05-07-18

Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce / Project Graduation

Wednesday 05-02-18

Sheridan Police Department / Volunteer Appreciation with the Hub

Tuesday 05-01-18

Sheridan T and T / Headstones for Veterans / Safe Kids Day

Monday 04-30-18

Museum / State Representative Mike Madden

Thursday 04-26-18

Celebrate the Arts

Wednesday 04-25-18

University of Wyoming / Candidate for Wyoming Governor Bill Dahlin