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Committee Considers Medicaid Expansion Bills

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Sen. Michael Von Flatern (R-Gillette) filed Senate File 129 - Medicaid SHARE plan on Monday. He is shown here serving as Chairman of Committee of the Whole on Monday, a rotating position. (Gregory Nickerson/WyoFile)
by Gregory Nickerson - WyoFile.com

Wyoming’s debate over whether to expand Medicaid, and how it might be done, reaches a critical point this week.

Cheap Oil no Friend to Our Traditional Arguments

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Cheap Oil no Friend to Our Traditional Arguments

by Allen Best -WyoFile.com

Gasoline dipped below $2 per gallon after Christmas in Salt Lake City, Denver and other cities, and I’ve heard rumors of $1.75. Gas is selling for $1.70 in Laramie, Wyo. Most of us like this immensely. Not so the stock market, which was jarred by oil dipping below $50 per barrel. Cheap oil has also gummed up a variety of political arguments.

It Was a Year of Change in Wyoming’s Government

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Kerry Drake

By Kerry Drake - WyoFile.com

Wyoming generated much significant and surprising political/government news in 2014 that, for better or worse, will impact the state and its residents far into the future.

Police Departments Receive $5.7M in Military Gear

(Public domain photograph from defenseimagery.mil)

By Gregory Nickerson - WyoFile.com

Since 1997, law enforcement agencies in Wyoming have acquired $5.7 million in military gear through the Department of Defense 1033 Program.

Wyoming Medicaid Expansion Plan Faces Headwinds

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By Gregory Nickerson

Four years into his term as Wyoming governor, Matt Mead (R) has endorsed a plan to expand Medicaid to cover an estimated 17,600 uninsured adults in the state.

Study: Non-hunters Contribute Most to Wildlife

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Private lands, like the farm these goose hunters are on in Goshen County, provide essential habitat for wildlife. Some say federal lands, especially in the West, also are fundamental to wildlife conservation but haven’t been accounted for in the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. Proponents of that theory estimate that hunters contribute only 6 percent to wildlife conservation nationwide. (Angus M. Thuermer Jr/WyoFile)

WyoFile.com - By Angus M. Thuermer Jr.

As Wyoming grapples with how it will fund wildlife conservation, hunters may lose some of their influence as other groups and interests are asked to increase their financial contributions.

Who Should Pay for Wyoming’s Wildlife?

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A hunter walks a ridge in the Bridger-Teton National Forest on Sunday in search of wapiti, Wyoming’s iconic big-game species. Whether hunters can, do and should pay for the bulk of wildlife management is a discussion that’s emerging as Game and Fish revenues from hunting and fishing license sales are overwhelmed by the needs of other programs. (Angus M. Thuermer Jr./WyoFile)

By Angus M. Thuermer Jr.

Wyoming should change the way wildlife management is funded, shifting the principal burden off the backs of hunters and insulating other revenue from political meddling, authors of a Wyoming Law Review article say.

University of Wyoming Opens Oil and Gas Drilling Simulation Lab

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The ribbon cutting of the WPX Drilling Simulator Teaching Lab. Left to right: Gov. Dave Freudenthal; WPX VP of land Jerry Barnes, University President Dick McGinity, and university trustee Jeff Marsh. (WyoFile/Gregory Nickerson)

WyoFile.com - Over the past two years, the University of Wyoming has installed a supercomputer, a virtual-reality cave with 3-D graphics, and now an oil and gas drilling rig simulator.

U.S. Senate Candidates Challenge 18-year Incumbent Enzi

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The Wyoming race for U.S. Senate in 2014 pits a well-funded incumbent against three candidates who have shunned money from political action committees. (WyoFile/Gregory Nickerson)

By Gregory Nickerson - Wyoming voters will have four choices for the U.S. Senate seat that is up for election this November, in a race where the 18-year incumbent Sen. Mike Enzi (R) has all the advantages of name recognition and a well-funded campaign.

After 40 Years, Water Claims are Settled in Bighorn Basin

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by James Wynn - The Wind River is not a monumental river by most of the world’s standards. It has no major shipping or ports; it has no commercial fishing; and for most of its length is not navigable by more than the shallowest drafted boats.

Complaint Filed Against DOE Asks for Records in Two Elk Case

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WyoFile.com - Wyoming journalist and WyoFile contributor Rone Tempest has filed a complaint against the U.S. Department of Energy

Bighorn Basin Fossils Could Teach About Climate Change

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Paleontologist Ken Rose examines the fossilized jaw and some teeth of a Coryphadon, an extinct, galumphing, cow-sized herbivore from the Eocene. Four decades of work in the Bighorn Basin gives the fossil-hunting professor insight about what happens on earth when the climate changes. (Angus M. Thuermer Jr./WyoFile — click to enlarge)

By Angus M. Thuermer Jr. - wyofile.com

Fossil hunter Ken Rose pauses during a stifling day in the BLM badlands west of Worland to take in the variegated sunbaked cliffs eroding around him.

Retired Firefighters; Wildland Colleagues in Danger

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By Angus M. Thuermer Jr.

— July 22, 2014

Five retired federal fire managers are criticizing a national wildfire group for failing to ensure firefighters’ safety by falling short on everything from decision-making to communications and even supplying crews with maps.

Wyoming wrestles with gas flares that might not help oil production

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by Dustin Bleizeffer Originally published June 11, 2012 on WyoFile.com

Wyoming’s top oil and gas officials today declined a request by SM Energy Co. to continue flaring — or burning — natural gas from two horizontal oil wells in southeast Wyoming at a rate beyond Wyoming’s standard allowable 60 thousand cubic feet (mcf) per day.

Audit mistakes mar Wind River schools' success story

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By Ron Feemster
Originally published May 28, 2013 on WyoFile.com

The schools in Arapahoe, a small town near Riverton on the Wind River Indian Reservation, have attracted national attention twice in the past 18 months.

State's Education Committee discusses slew of important topics

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By Gregory Nickerson
Originally published June 4, 2013 on WyoFile.com

The Joint Interim Education Committee held its first meeting this week.

Wyoming's energy-based budget still prone to busts

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By Gregory Nickerson WyoFile.com

Here’s what budget doomsday could look like for Wyoming:

Reservation-based pre-K bus takes school to students

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By Ron Feemster for WyoFile.com
Originally published on May 28, 2013

It’s playtime for Cordelle, a two-and-a-half-year-old who lives with his mother, grandfather and aunt on a 10-acre parcel of land up a series of dirt roads 15 miles outside Pavillion, Wyo. And it’s fun for Carr. But the exercise is also serious diagnostic and educational work for the teacher. And an intense workout of Cordelle’s fine motor skills and vocabulary.

State is stuck with increasing number of 'orphaned' coal-bed methane wells

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By Dustin Bleizeffer, WyoFile.com

Love of powwow spurs huge turnout at CWC event

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by Ron Feemster

Originally published May 7, 2013 on WyoFile.com