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Waning Energy Revenue Could Cause 10% Budget Decline

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Wyoming’s economy is following the mineral industry — once again — into a downturn that could shrink revenue by 10 percent or more.

$72 Million in Dam Projects Advance

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Pivot irrigation on the Mercer ranch.

by Angus M. Thuermer Jr. | WyoFile.com

Wyoming’s plans to impound more of its spring runoff advanced in the Bighorn Basin last week when residents voted to create an irrigation district to help fund a $32.5-million, 108-foot high dam.

Grand Teton National Park Glaciers are Shrinking

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by Kelsey Dayton | WyoFile.com

Kathy Mellander knew Grand Teton National Park’s glaciers were melting. The park GIS specialist and hydrologist had read studies published in 2012 and seen historical pictures that  showed the park’s 12 glaciers used to be much larger than they are today.

Medical Marijuana Initiative Launches in Wyoming

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The group Wyoming NORML will begin collecting signatures this week on its medical marijuana initiative known as the "Peggy A. Kelley Wyoming Cannabis Act of 2016." (Uni Mateo Photography/Flickr Creative Commons)

by Gregory Nickerson | WyoFile.com

This week, marijuana advocates with Wyoming NORML will begin collecting signatures for an initiative to legalize medical cannabis. The initiative, called the Peggy A. Kelley Wyoming Cannabis Act of 2016, would put the measure before voters in the 2016 election.

Sheridan WYO Rodeo Revives Powwow Dancing at Sheridan Inn

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Devin Killsback (Northern Cheyenne) spins her shawl during a fancy dance at the First People's Powwow at the Sheridan Inn on Thursday, July 9, 2015. The event was staged as part of Sheridan WYO Rodeo week. (Gregory Nickerson/WyoFile)

The sound of Northern Cheyenne flute music drifted over the green lawn of the Sheridan Inn, holding the powwow audience in rapt silence in a scene perhaps reminiscent of Indian dances staged here 100 years ago.

Mead’s Protest Reveals Sage Grouse Conflicts

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Only weeks after a Kumbaya moment with Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell in which he celebrated sweeping federal greater sage grouse conservation rules, Gov. Matt Mead has protested those same measures.

Q&A: Al Simpson likes Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling

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The U.S. Supreme Court’s legalization of same-sex marriage means “Wyoming ought to get on board” with nondiscrimination policies, former U.S. Sen. Al Simpson said Monday.

Critics Say Wyoming Data Trespassing Law Criminalizes Science

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WyoFile.com - A recent opinion piece published by Slate magazine states that a new Wyoming law makes it illegal to collect data on public lands like Yellowstone. That somewhat overstated claim comes from an interpretive reading of a new state law passed earlier this year.

Grouse Count Plummets in NPL Breeding Complex

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WyoFile.com - Wyoming Bureau of Land Management biologist Dale Woolwine sees the fractured greater sage grouse eggs in a ground-level nest and figures out the story pretty quickly.

Libertarian Gore-Tex Heiress Fuels Hidden Political Donations

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Susan Gore of Cheyenne founded the Wyoming Liberty Group

by Gregory Nickerson | WyoFile.com

Susan Gore is arguably Wyoming’s most influential libertarian promoter.

She puts millions of her personal wealth into political activities and nonprofit groups that speak loudly in the Legislature and on the campaign trail.

Adviser: State Won’t Protect Greater Sage Grouse in Gas Field

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Wyoming sage grouse coordinator Tom Christiansen

WyoFile.com — Wyoming will let the federal government, not a state conservation plan for greater sage grouse, govern how a proposed gas field is developed in critical winter range, a state adviser said last week.

Homeowners Upset at State’s New Oil and Gas Rule

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by Dustin Bleizeffer | WyoFile.com

How far is Gov. Matt Mead willing to go to help protect homeowners from oil and gas development? About 150 feet, and no farther, according to some state residents. Not nearly far enough to satisfy landowners who find themselves living next to industrial-sized drilling and hydraulic fracturing activities.

Faculty Criticizes Lack of Women Among New Trustees

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Faculty Criticizes Lack of Women Among New UW Trustees

By Gregory Nickerson | WyoFile.com

University of Wyoming faculty leaders are upset that only two women will serve on the newly configured Board of Trustees, which meets for the first time this week in Laramie.

Planned Gas Field Risks 2,000 Wyoming Grouse

Planned gas field risks 2,000 Wyoming grouse

By Angus M. Thuermer Jr. | WyoFile.com

PINEDALE — A sage-grouse committee could not agree Thursday to protect newly documented grouse winter habitat, the largest in Wyoming, from gas development.

Legislature’s Bills Would Protect Domestic Sheep Grazing

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Picture via Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

A bill to remove or relocate 60 bighorn sheep if they curtail stockmen’s domestic sheep grazing on federal land amounts to “extortion,” a lawmaker said last week.

House Leaders Forgive Edmonds’ ‘Hell Freezes Over’ Amendment

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By | WyoFile.com

Rep. Harlan Edmonds (R-Cheyenne) will not face further reprimand for saying Friday that he wanted a bill prohibiting discrimination against gay and transgender workers to become law “when hell freezes over.”

Lawmakers Prep ‘A Budget Like You’ve Never Seen Before’

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Sen. Tony Ross

Wyoming lawmakers plan to use leftover funds and reach into short-term savings to cover a six percent deficit for the 2016 budget. They will rely on projected investment earnings to pay for special projects for the next two years. All of that money comes from state sources.

Legislature Kills Wyoming Medicaid Expansion Bills

Legislature Kills Wyoming Medicaid Expansion Bills

by  - WyoFile.com

The Wyoming Senate voted down Medicaid expansion today, ending the latest chapter in a multi-year effort to consider the program.

Committee Considers Medicaid Expansion Bills

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Sen. Michael Von Flatern (R-Gillette) filed Senate File 129 - Medicaid SHARE plan on Monday. He is shown here serving as Chairman of Committee of the Whole on Monday, a rotating position. (Gregory Nickerson/WyoFile)
by Gregory Nickerson - WyoFile.com

Wyoming’s debate over whether to expand Medicaid, and how it might be done, reaches a critical point this week.

Cheap Oil no Friend to Our Traditional Arguments

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Cheap Oil no Friend to Our Traditional Arguments

by Allen Best -WyoFile.com

Gasoline dipped below $2 per gallon after Christmas in Salt Lake City, Denver and other cities, and I’ve heard rumors of $1.75. Gas is selling for $1.70 in Laramie, Wyo. Most of us like this immensely. Not so the stock market, which was jarred by oil dipping below $50 per barrel. Cheap oil has also gummed up a variety of political arguments.