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Swap shop is your program to buy, sell or trade items.
If you would like to be on Swap Shop, please keep the following rules in mind:

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Wednesday, July 27th

Write-In: 7-27-2016

Sheridan College Booster Club, 7th Annual community flea market, Saturday August 6th from 8 am until 1 pm at the Bruce Hoffman Golden Dome. Booth rentals available to sell your extra items lying around the house, or come and browse for new treasures. You can also donate your items to the Sheridan College Booster club booth. For more information, contact Barb Williams at 674-6446 ext. 4008 or Kim Trow at 752-4146. [Paid through August 5th]

Mountain View Hutterites Farmer’s Market, Saturday, July 30th, from 8 am until 1 pm. Fresh homegrown chickens, eggs, baked goods, vegetables, canned, and more! Eight miles north of Parkman at the junction of old highway and Aberdeen exit. V

All items for sale:
1. small 4.3 cf Samsung refrigerator $20
2. Kenmore heavy duty upright freezer, 28” w x 55” h $50 obo
3. 2 basic design air mattresses, self inflating $40
4. 2 light weight sleeping bags with removable flannel liners, $30
5. 1 box backpacking or tent camping utensils $10
6. 2 light backpacking stoves with 2 MSR Coleman fuel bottles $40

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7. backpacking tent with ground sheet $25
8. Coleman Peak rigid frame backpack for small woman $10
OR $125 takes all camping equipment
Call: 307-752-6600 V


1. WTD: painting, indoor and outdoor
W: 40ft exterior ladder
W: front brake rotors for one ton Chevy
call: 683-7814

2. W: fresh dill
call: 752-3552

3. FS: seven 4ft shop lights
FS: 32ft exterior ladder
FS: camper shell
call: 672-8322

4. needs house keeper
call: 751-2838

5. FS: boat bikini top
FS: 2 handheld steam cleaners
WTD: painting
call: 673-1697

6. FS: Honda lawn mower
FS: 40ft of 3/4” poly pipe
FS: wading shoes, size 10
call: 674-8782

7. FS: 2 lawn mowers
GA: bust of Elvis
FS: 2 closet doors
call: 751-6079

8. FS: four 205 70R 15” tires with rims
FS: Pioneer car stereo system
W: swing set
call: 429-9789

9. FS: pair of men’s chinks, size medium
call: 752-6999

10. WTD: handyman work
FS: ’93 Chrysler LS (will trade)
call: 461-0691

11. FS: four 235 55r 17” tires
call: 672-5119

12. FS: 16ft boat with motor and trailer, $250
FS: Chevy dually pick up bed $150
FS: miscellaneous ceramic tile
FS: 6ft T-posts
call: 620-2740

13. FS: iphone 5 with cases $200
FS: table saw
call: 751-1677

W: framing nailer
call: 763-8590