Swap Shop

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Swap shop is your program to buy, sell or trade items.
If you would like to be on Swap Shop, please keep the following rules in mind:

Please, no businesses. If you have a business ID#, or offer your services as a regular means of business, you are not allowed to call in. Please call the Sheridan Media office at 672-7421 for regular radio advertising rates.

Friday, February 12th

Write-In: 2-12-2016
All items for sale:
1. Old 33 1/3 LP records
2. Solid pine wood, corner book case
3. Snow shovels
4. Some horse tack, rubber buckets, feed pans, hay nets, water tanks, halters, light horse blanket
5. couple log chains, 8x12
Call: 307-674-4561 V

All items for sale:
1. four 16”, 6 hole aluminum rims from a 2008 Toyota Tacoma $200

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2. Fender flares from 2008 Toyota Tacoma, dark blue, $75
3. 2 end tables and a coffee table, wood and glass $150
4. Schwinn 755s, Apartment size home gym weight machine $200.
Call: 307-751-1936 V

Mountain View Hutterites Farmer’s Market, Saturday, February 20th, from 8 am until 1 pm. Freshly frozen chickens, eggs, baked goods, canned, and more! Eight miles north of Parkman at the junction of old highway and Aberdeen exit. II

FS: Power lift and recline chair, medium size, light brown color, like new.
Call: 674-7684 II


1. FS: male Cavalier King Charles spaniel
call: 763-1159

2. FS: metal pet crate
FS: file cabinet
FS: outdoor sectional
FS: large oak desk
call: 655-9289

3. FS: office chair
Call: 674-9393

4. FS: ’05 Pontiac grand prix $1000
W: parts for Chrysler van
call: 672-5509

5. FS: mountain bike
FS: 18” chainsaw
WTD: painting
call: 673-1967

6. WTD: handyman work and odd jobs
call: 461-0691

7. FS: wingback chair
FS: table and two chairs
call: 763-1642

8. W: mechanic work
call: 751-3940

9. FS: .22 caliber target pistol
FS: bb gun with scope
FS: flatbed trailer, 7x13’
FS: short bed camper shell
FS: gun scabbards
call: 751-0081

10. FS: two 17” tires
FS: Chevy Dually pick-up bed
call: 620-2740

11. W: 2 interior five panel doors
call: 763-5848

12. W: full sized mattress
call: 673-4493

13. W: used washer
call: 674-8430 or 217-2083

14. Holy Name Thrift Store open Saturday, 9 am until 3 pm

15. W: new seamstress work done
call: 672-2809

16. GA: moving boxes and materials
call: 315-2445 or 315-0160

17. FS: work bench
FS: tool chest
FS: finishing nailer
FS: V-45 motorcycle
FS: 2 microwaves
call: 672-2957

18. FS: vintage clothing
call: 461-2427