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Swap shop is your program to buy, sell or trade items.
If you would like to be on Swap Shop, please keep the following rules in mind:

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Thursday, October 8th

Write-In: 10-08-2015

October 9&10, 2015 an entire household at 1476 Gladstone includes Budweiser collectibles and signs, furniture, antiques, linens, tools, ladders, lawn and garden, bed and dresser, kitchen stuff and tons more!! Getting close to the end of the season! See photos at realestaterehab.com or on Facebook. Friday and Saturday, October 9 & 10, only from 8 am until noon at 1476 Gladstone, Sheridan, WY.

GA: spayed and neutered barn cats
Call: 752-6172 VIII

All items for sale:
1. Casio CD title printer and label printer – battery operated – like new $150
2. Smith Carona super 12 blue electric typewriter, with 4 colored ribbon cartridges and correction tape $ 50
3. Sky caddie SG golf rangefinder with case $50
4. RSVP culinary torch, brand new $20

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5. 40s or 50s floral print lithograph, 32x25, glassed and framed $40
6. clear glass bowl with handle $20
7. beveled glass mirror, 24x20, golden oak wooden frame $25
8. very old basket with handle, 18”x12”x10”, good condition $10
call: 674-8821 VII

3 family garage sale, October 10th from 8 am until 3 pm at 2071 Feather bed lane in Sheridan. Baseball cards, 35mm film cameras and telephoto lenses, ‘74 Dodge tail lights, several landscape water pumps, fall decoration (Halloween and Thanksgiving), and lots of treasures from the house and garage. Call: 307-763-0864 for more information or directions. V

Mountain View Hutterites Farmer’s Market, Saturday, October 10th, from 8 am until 2 pm. Chickens, eggs, bread and rolls, vegetables, canned and baked beans, and more! Eight miles north of Parkman at the junction of old highway and Aberdeen exit. VII

W: wind up clocks and watches, running or not. Vinyl records and CDs, hunting and fishing items, jack knives and hunting knives, coins, gold and silver, broken jewelry, railroad items, military and mining items, vintage photographs and stamps, aviation related items, vintage beer related items, automotive related items, and more. Call Tom at 906-360-0790 and please leave a message! VII

True Country Fall Festival, on Main Street in Dayton. Oct. 9th – 10th 9a-5p and Oct 11th 11a-3p. New home of rustic birdhouses, as well as hand crafted and vintage shabby chic items! VI

Trinity Lutheran Church rummage and bake sale, Saturday, October 17th from 8 am until 1 pm. Many household items, adult and children’s clothing, shoes, books, and toys will be for sale plus a $2 sack sale at noon. II


1. FS: dog crate, 36x23x27 $35
call: 763-3124

2. Garage sale Saturday, from 9 am until 1 pm
1416 Avon street

3. GA: pullet
call: 217-2351

4. Lost: Australian shepherd in Story
call: 751-7980

5. W: baby swing
call: 751-8872

6. FS: steamer trunk
GA: Chevy chrome bumper
WTD: painting
call: 673-1697

7. FS: old ice box hardware
W: stamp collection info
FS: learn Spanish tapes
call: 674-6885

8. FS: Gas grill $35
FS: 3 core radiator for a Chevelle $50
FS: 2 rototillers
FS: motorcycle parts
FS: Oldsmobile factory rims
call: 763-7675

9. FS: four LT 285 75R 16” tires with aluminum wheels
FS: 2 army cots
FS: generator
W: green tomatoes
call: 674-9537

10. Red Door thrift store open today, 10 am until 3 pm

11. FS: 5 hour trolling motor
FS: 500 Honda motorcycle
TR: 30.06 Remington with scope
FS: 540 round bales
call: 752-9794

12. W: old horse shoes
call: 751-7553

13. FS: 25 gallon pull behind weed sprayer
call: 674-6676

14. FS: four Dale Earnhardt collectors plates
call: 751-2818

15. FS: lawn mower
FS: 2 sets, 17” tires
FS: pipe vise
FS: three Chevy hub caps
W: utility trailer
Call: 751-0081

16. FS: 3 hit and miss motors
Call: 751-8279

17. FS: new size 10 ½ insulated boots
FS: pack boots size 13
FS: ½ horsepower pump
call: 683-7772

18. W: stepping stones
FS: outdoor rocking chair
call: 674-9279

19. FS: Remington 7mm rifle with scope and ammo
call: 751-3380

20. FS: microwave oven, $60
FS: window a/c unit $250
call: 752-1690

21. FS: snow tires, 205 55r 16” tires
FS: home theater system
call: 674-6342

22. W: Suzuki 3 wheeler
call: 737-2420