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Swap shop is your program to buy, sell or trade items.
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Wednesday, November 30th

Write-In: 11-30-2016

I have over 100 different Christmas building and accessories from Dept.56
None of them are available other than by private owners
Loads of Christmas decorations and art tree.
Several sets of railroad passenger and freight car and locomotives.
Irish Waterford cut glass dishes and table accessories
Silver tea and coffee services with various tray, and souring prices.
Early fiesta dinner wear in various colors
Call 307-673-8582 5

FS: 2003 Chevy Silverado 2500 4x4 $5100 or assume the bank note.

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FS: A hunting leupold stove
FS: Spotting scope (call for details and pricing)
FS: many miscellaneous tires and some full sets
FS: 4 Outboard fishing motors
FS: 10 boxes of new in the box 2x2 ceiling tiles $125
FS: 2 pellet stoves (Call for details)
WTD: Snow removale
W: 1.5 in thick Styrofoam sheets of insulation
W: Electric winch
WTD: Yard work and cut and remove any trees or limbs
Call: 307-461-2908 4

First Methodist Church
Eighth Annual Gingerbread Cookie House
Saturday, December 10th 9:00am-2:00pm
215 West Works
Basement Fellowship Hall
Use the parking lot/Elevator entrance
This fundraiser is to help us continue to meet our goal of making gods love accessible through building modernization.
Let us do your Christmas baking! There will be over 5,000 cookies and candies, including gluten free and sugar free varieties. Goodies sold at $6.00 per pound. 2


1. FS: Ex. Equipment (3 pieces)
Call: 307-655-5671

2. W: Roll top desk needs repair
Call: 307-751-8481

3. FS: Aquarium (hexagon) with accessories $150
Call: 307-674-4785

4. FS: Motor home cover (33ft)
Call: 307-672-9475

5. FS: Child’s bassinet (portable) $40
FS: Child’s seat
Call: 307-751-2219

6. FS: Motorcycle 83’ Honda
FS: Microwave ovens (2)
FS: New work shop/work station
FS: Gas yard tool with attachments
FS: 1971 Pickup camper (needs work)
Call: 307-672-2957

7. FS: Girls 20’ bike (like new) $90
Call: 307-286-7417

8. FS: Small hay bales
W: Western saddle
Call: 307-221-6970

9. FS: 65’ Chevy flatbed truck
FS: Old 2-horse – horse trailer
FS: 93’ Ford Ranger for parts
Call: 307-620-2740

10. FS: Vintage train accessories with parts
Call: 307-683-7753

11. FS: Carhartts (new) (2)
GA: Ice cream buckets and cookie tins
Call: 307-672-2285

12. FS: Saddle (like new)
Call: 307-751-6983

13. FS: Twin headboard
Call: 307-752-9672

14. FS: X-Country skis (3 pair)
Call: 307-655-2223

15. LOST dog male Pomeranian
Call: 307-763-9841

16. FS: Kitchen Air Fryer (new)
Will do painting
Call: 307-673-1697

17. FS: 86’ Ford Ranger (4x4) $800
Call: 307-674-6836