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Swap shop is your program to buy, sell or trade items.
If you would like to be on Swap Shop, please keep the following rules in mind:

Please, no businesses. If you have a business ID#, or offer your services as a regular means of business, you are not allowed to call in. Please call the Sheridan Media office at 672-7421 for regular radio advertising rates.

Tuesday, February 9th

Write-In: 2-9-2016
All items for sale
1. 1996 Ford Windstar LX $1000
2. 1980 280 ZX in good condition, nice, must see, $3200
3. Complete Victor saline torch set: oxygen and saline tanks with cart $550
4: 360 xbox with 5 games $125
Parting out 1997 Plymouth Voyager
Will cut and remove any trees or limbs.
Call: 307-461-2908 VIII

All items for sale:

uBlaze Vapor
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1. Old 33 1/3 LP records
2. Solid pine wood, corner book case
3. Snow shovels
4. Some horse tack, rubber buckets, feed pans, hay nets, water tanks, halters, light horse blanket
5. couple log chains, 8x12
Call: 307-674-4561 II

All items for sale:
1. four 16”, 6 hole aluminum rims from a 2008 Toyota Tacoma $200
2. Fender flares from 2008 Toyota Tacoma, dark blue, $75
3. 2 end tables and a coffee table, wood and glass $150
4. Schwinn 755s, Apartment size home gym weight machine $200.
Call: 307-751-1936 II


1. GA: piece of child’s carpet, 10x12
FS: kids toys and books
call: 751-7544

2. W: old Sheridan and Big Horn black and white photos
call: 751-0627

3. FS: dorm fridge
W: decorative windmill
Call: 737-2420

4. FS: tool chest
FS: work bench
FS: finishing nailer
FS: V-45 motorcycle
FS: 2 microwave
call: 672-2957

5. FS: 40 inch Sony Flat screen TV
call: 672-5119

6. FS: set of tv trays
FS: aluminum camper shell
FS: 3 sets of 17” tires
FS: 6 metal gas cans
FS: new white sink basin
call: 751-0081

7. FS: HD 4x4 ramps $120
FS: 17’ stainless shelving
call: 752-8587

8. FS: saddle
FS: set of pack panniers
FS: pack saddle
call: 655-2350

9. FS: 3 interior doors
call: 752-7018

10. W: chicken coop
call: 620-2100

11. FS: 2 fuel tanks with electric pumps
call: 751-3793

12. FS: insulated garage door
call: 763-3126