Sheridan County Junior Golf
Kendrick Golf Course - Tournament Results
Aug. 8, 2011

Boys Ages 16 and Up (18 holes)
1. Forrest DeBolt (77)
2. Bryce Williams (78)

Boys Ages 13-15 (18 holes)
1. Connor McCafferty (92)
2. Blaze Mickelson (103 – tie, won chip-off)
3. Blake Godwin (1030
4. Davis Alden (126)

Boys Ages 10-12 (9 holes)
1. Logan Johnson (48)
2. Colton Williams (51)
3. Cody Stults (58 – tie, won chip-off)
4. Wheaton Williams (58)
5. Colton Bates (58+)
6. Drew Boedecker (61)
7. Tristan Bower (63)
8. Nolan McCafferty (78+)

Boys Age 8-9 (5 holes)

Holy Name Golf Tournament Results

Gross Winners:
Score - 54

Cameron Lindell
Randy Wieland
Cheryl Wieland
Bernie Spielman

2nd Place:59

Mike Coulter
Dan Overton
Tyler Thomas
Barry Thomas

3rd Place:62

Rex Arney
Joe Mallo
Greg Madison
Leonard Hurst

Net Winners:

1st Place:53.5
Dave Engels
Don Roberts
Ken Muller
Curt Miner

2nd Place:54.2

Jim Benepe
Jeff Tomlinson
Steve Rucki
Patrick Johnson

3rd Place:54.3

Verlin Danner
Harley Reile
Ruth Reile
Brent Elliott

Highest Score:82

Dave Kinskey
Donna Kinskey
John Bigelow
Ryan Mullholland


HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL - The Sheridan Bronc football team hits the field today for the first time as the 2011 season opens the Broncs had their annual mountain leadership camp Thursday and Friday Head coach Don Julian says it went well.

The Sheridan high school booster club had their booster club golf tournament Saturday and Julian says it was a big hit this year.


HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL - The Sheridan Bronc football team leaders and coaches will spend today in the Big Horn mountains as part of their preseason prep.

The Sheridan high school booster club will hold their golf scramble tomorrow at the Powder Horn and Sunday the Broncs will host their player / parent meeting at 4:00 at Sheridan high school.


Bronc Head football coach Don Julian

BRONC FOOTBALL - The Sheridan Bronc football team leaders and coaches will be heading up into the Big Horns today for their annual two day mountain retreat.

Head coach Don Julian says the retreat helps set the tone for the coming season with the players that will lead this year's addition of Bronc football.

They come down Friday evening and get ready for Sunday's player / parent meeting at 4:00 at the high school.

SCA Rodeo Results 7/28

1D Barrels
1. Kortney Fisher 17.95
2. Kylee Cahoy 18.18
3. Sierra Zowada 18.23

2D Barrels
1. Caty Graves 19.05
2. Sierra Zowada 19.09

3D Barrels
1. Valarie Wood 19.95
2. Ronda Holwell 20.10

Senior Barrels
1.MaKenna Balkenbush 18.51
2. Lacy Blea 18.63

Junior Barrels
1. Ellie Bard 18.51
2. Haley Timm 19.43

Pee Wee Barrels
1.Kennedy Myers 20.41
2. Madison Farella 20.79
3. Madison Farella 26.43

1D Poles
1. Ronda Holwell 21.85
2. Kylee Cahoy 22.02

2D Poles
1. Lorie Cahoy 28.11
2. Amber Ringeisen 28.14

Senior Poles
1. Shyanna Cahoy 22.80


Lady Generals Head coach Jennifer Weitzel

LADY GENERALS VOLLEYBALL - The Sheridan college Lady Generals volleyball team and new Head coach Jennifer Weitzel are hosting their youth volleyball camp this week.

We caught up with Weitzel in the Hoffman dome during yesterday's session.

Weitzel got the job late in the spring and has been playing catch up ever since but says she is starting to get her legs under her as they get ready to open pre-season practice next week.

SCA Rodeo Results 7/25/11

1D Barrels
1. Ronda Holwell 18.21
2. Megan Belus 18.24
3. Whitney Simmons 18.26

2D Barrels
1. Sierra Zowada 19.37
2/3. Cashlee Cunningham 19.40
2/3. Becky Kobielusz 19.40

3D Barrels
1. Amber Ringeisen 20.22
2. Valarie Wood 20.27

Senior Barrels
1. Shyanna Cahoy 18.40
2. Lacy Blea 18.41

Junior Barrels
1. Ellie Bard 18.29
2. Kade Koltiska 18.74

Pee Wee Barrels
1. Madison Farella 22.43
2. MaKenzie Wood 23.33
3. Kennedy Myers 26.00
4. Nick Albrecht 33.22

1D Poles
1. Ronda Holwell 21.30

2D Poles
1. Kylee Cahoy 22.48
2. Lori Sigurdson 22.51

Senior Poles